Is Magufuli Over-doing It With The Sewing Machine?

Is John Magufuli really over doing it or is he just being his same old ‘regular guy’ personality? Besides being the renowned disciplinarian, Magufuli has shown so much hardwork and thoughtfulness in his administration.

Since the first day of his administration Magufuli has been in the business of introducing novel ideas; doing things people never expected him to do given his position as the number 1 person in Tanzania. For instance, riding off in a bicycle. Before his current position, he has been reputed to be quite good with many exemplary qualities. The Video below crowns it all, His Excellency John Magufuli of Tanzania joyfully displays his tailoring skills to Africa.

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Being the Minister for works some time back, he started and ended his administration not as rich as everyone thought he would. It sounds funny but sometimes people become conditioned to corruption; they just get used to certain societal ills; because it has become the order of the day. That seems to be a ruling idea in Africa at large. Crimes like embezzlement are huge but how many have been duly and adequately prosecuted for it? You can only count a few. Magufuli left a reputable legacy at the ministry before the end of his time there.

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The Magufuli independence day clean-up story is still a shocker of the century; his austerity measures are also efficient and worth it. It was only last week that President Magufuli put a ban on mini skirts as a means to restore morality and on a grand scale help reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence in Tanzania. Some loved the idea but it left a sour taste in the mouths of the younger generation, the ladies especially since it applies directly to them.

With the emergence of this video on national television, I’m not exactly sure what people are thinking. I mean, no matter how much of a great job he does in Tanzania, making enemies and stepping on toes is one sure thing.

Some have accused him of seeking for public attention with this video, and for what? I ask. If you think about it, he is the PRESIDENT, the one who calls the shots, you get to see and read about him and not the other way round, publicity comes with his job as president. History itself has not presented his personality in a bad way but whatever your conclusions are about this video, Magufuli is not the usual kind of personality we know as presidents in Africa.

If after many years, regardless of his socio-political positions, John Magufuli remains a drummer in his church choir, I think this video should not mean any harm. I suppose it’s just the way he is, simply human.

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