Is Osita Iheme Married and What Do We Know About His Family?

Despite all the rumors we have heard concerning the actor getting hooked, popular Nollywood actor Osita Iheme who depicted Pawpaw on the set of the 2002 comedy Aki na Ukwa is still visibly single. One would have expected that the marriage of his long-time friend Chinedu Ikedieze would prompt him to shed the cloak of bachelorhood and embrace matrimony, but from our observations, the reverse seems to be the case. In spite of his celebrated status and age which is fast inching towards 40, the Imo State indigene continues to be elusive in the marriage market.

As it stands, we have no idea of the identity of his girlfriend if any and a fiancée sounds like something that is still very far from materializing. The actor, comedian, entrepreneur, TV personality, and motivational speaker does not talk much about his family in public, thus not much is known about them. We only know that his background is a humble one as his family was far from an affluent one.

All the Noise About Osita Iheme Being Married Are Mere Speculations

Osita Iheme is one Nollywood actor who loves to keep details about his personal life under lock and key. So when the rumors about his marriage started making the rounds on the internet in 2017, fans were really happy for the small-sized entertainer. Many of them thought it was high time, especially as his colleague and close friend Chinedu Ikedieze had already become a family man.

However, it turned out that all the talk about him getting hitched was just rumors. It was just the grapevine at work. Perhaps, they wanted to give him a push in the right direction as the movie star seemed unconcerned about his single state at almost 40. Even to date, he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to take the plunge.

Searches revealed that the speculations emanated from a Nigerian site that published content about Osita and Ghanaian movie star Nana Ama McBrown being involved in a romantic entanglement. However, neither of the two parties deemed it necessary to comment on the claim or come up with their own version of the truth. Osita’s name has also been linked to a lady called Noma, but searches threw up nothing about the said lady, some sites just mentioned her name as Osita’s spouse. Apart from that, there is no known past girlfriend of the entertainer.

 What Osita Has To Say About His Unmarried Status

Truth be told, Osita Iheme is far from ready to tie the matrimonial knot with any woman. According to the Nollywood star he is not exchanging marriage vows anytime soon. He considers marriage a significant step in life which calls for him to first find the perfect moment. In an interview session, the petite actor said the society’s opinion is not enough reason for him to get married; neither is he going to take the step because the age is right. He also added that the fact that others are doing it won’t make him change his mind.

Baring his mind, Osita Iheme said he is not particular about the physical characteristics of a woman. He likened himself to other Nigerian guys who prefer an intelligent and God-fearing woman for a wife. The actor has not escaped the pressure from family, friends, and colleagues who would love to see him settled, but such a journey he said will only occur when he is sure that he has met the right woman. Qualities of the right woman according to Iheme are respects for him, someone who shows him sincere love, and is ready to accept the man he is. In his words, the actor said he doesn’t give a hoot if the woman is famous or infamous, black or white, tall or short, rich or poor.

After his friend Chinedu Ikedieze went off the market, Osita Iheme’s single state became a popular topic as many started worrying about him feeling lonely. However, his decision to wait for the right time and the right woman has been supported by many, thus, the public just needs to be a bit more patient and ready with the congratulations when the actor’s big day finally arrives.

The Actor Is Already A Father

Osita Iheme
Osita and his son image source

Despite not being married, Osita Iheme has proved that he is not lagging behind in propagating his generation. The Nollywood actor was recently captured with his adorable baby boy in a cute picture taken as father and son spent quality time together. This is about all that is known of the boy’s existence but fans are optimistic that the handsome cutie will grow way above his father in the height department. The identity of the boy’s mother has remained shrouded in mystery to date; however, we live in hope that it will become public knowledge with time.

Osita Iheme’s Family Hails From Imo State

Osita comes from the family of Herbert Iheme who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, precisely in Mbaitoli, Imo State. The actor’s mother is an Igbo woman who goes by the name Augustine, however, the professions of his mum and dad are not known, and neither do we know their financial status. Since his parents are not known, it is difficult to tell whether his growth condition was inherited from either of them.

Far from being the only child of his parents, Osita Iheme was raised as one of five children. Many people have expressed interest in knowing whether the Nollywood movie star is the only dwarf in the Iheme family, but the answer to that particular question has proved to be very difficult as Osita prefers to keep mute about his family. Besides, he seems to be the only celebrity in his family as we don’t know of any other Iheme from Mbaitoli Imo State. Though originally from Imo, the movie star spent a better part of his growing up years in Abia State where he acquired basic education. The actor later relocated to Lagos for college.

Before he came on the movie scene, his family was described as one that was just surviving. However, since he has made it big in entertainment, it goes without saying that the Nollywood star’s wealth will rub off on other members of his family. Being a secretive person, Osita hardly shares stuff about his family and relationship, but his social media accounts are bursting with work-related posts.

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