Is Rachael Okonkwo Married? – A Timeline of Her Love Life and Rumored Hookups

Rachael Okonkwo, AKA Nkolika Nwa Nsukka’s relationship status has remained a mystery to date. The Nollywood movie actress is obviously in the league of celebrities who like to lock all their life secrets and throw away the keys. Due to her secretive nature, both fans and the general public have been making efforts to dig up facts about the Enugu-born entertainer.

Though their efforts have been severally rewarded by results, those results have been dismissed as rumors since there are no convincing facts to back them up. The truth about the movie star is that she is not married and has never been married. However, she is believed to be dating but has refused to reveal the identity of her boyfriend. Read on to get the full details.

Rachael Okonkwo’s Current Relationship Status Reads Single

Keeping the details of their relationship status away from the public arena is a common practice among celebrities and Nollywood actress, Rachael Okonkwo is not far removed from the rest. With her beauty and natural charisma, it is not in doubt that the Nkoli Nwa Nsukka alum has a lineup of men who have declared interest in her, but the movie star is known for keeping mute when quizzed about her personal life. With that said, it is difficult to unravel the identity of who she is dating or the men that have passed through her life, especially since she gained prominence.

However, going by the pointers we are getting from kept records, Rachael Okonkwo is yet to drop the cloak of spinsterhood and for the records, the beautiful Enugu State-born actress has never embraced matrimony. Also, she has never had a child. The rumors that she had triplet stems from her congratulatory message to a friend who welcomed triplets.

Speculations About The Actress Brandishing a Wedding Ring

With an actress of Rachael Okonkwo’s ilk, any action or comment, no matter how negligible, becomes news. Thus, we were not surprised when in March 2018, rumors started making the rounds that the Nollywood star was spotted on social media, brandishing a ringed finger. What’s more, the picture was buttressed by a cryptic caption saying, “someone said yes tonight.”

Needless to say, speculation of this magnitude got fans flooding her IG page in their numbers just to see the said photos for themselves, but sadly, it all ended up as an effort in futility. The actress has since posted more current pictures but there is no ring in sight. With this, fans just had to dismiss the whole thing as speculations with no backing facts. Even Okonkwo did not deem it necessary to dignify their claims with explanations and to date, we are yet to see the evidence that she was ever engaged.

Rachael Okonkwo Was Cited As The “Other Woman” In Ken Erics’ Marriage Problems

Barely one year after it was rumored that Rachael Okonkwo was seen wearing a ring, the grapevine shipped the actress with actor Ken Erics in 2019, citing her as the reason Ken’s marriage was cracking up. The Enugu native didn’t let the grass grow under her feet before coming up with a rebuttal. On the 9th of September 2019, the actress shared a post denying the claims and in a bid to be more convincing, Rachael invited curses to befall her if it is ever proved that she was involved in Ken’s failed marriage.

Okonkwo, who deemed it necessary to throw light on the type of relationship she has with Erics, said they have been good friends for a long time and have never taken their relationship further than that. Speaking further, the Nollywood actress said she is pained by Eric’s current marital problems, praying that God grants both husband and wife the needed understanding to settle their differences. Rachael’s post came shortly after Erics’ spouse let on that he already left their matrimonial home.

This Is What Erics Had To Say About The Whole Sordid Tale

On his own part, movie actor Erics also took to IG to publicly air his thoughts. However, the content of his post didn’t do a good job of clearing the air, fans said. According to Ken; he wanted to just ignore the whole vexing issues but had to rethink for the sake of his fans. In his comment, the actor said people are at liberty to believe whatever they wish to believe as lies only last for a short while and truth must surely surface.

On clearing the air, Ken said he would do that but only at his own convenience, perhaps, when all the dust raised by the speculations must have settled. The only conclusion to be drawn from this is that Ken and Rachael Okonkwo only had a professional relationship and never dated.

Another Dating Rumor Soon Hit the Actress

Perhaps because she is too secretive with her personal life details, fans and the media keep digging deep to unravel the identity of the man in Rachael’s life. The resultant effect is that one dating rumor after another keeps hitting the actress. Even before the dust settled on the rumors that she was an item with Ken Erics, we were treated to her dating rumors with Nollywood director, the popular Ukpata in Uzo Uwani.

This particular rumor even caught more fire than the first one as people both within and outside the movie world accused her of being severally spotted in the married director’s company, cavorting with him.

She Was Also Shipped With Mac Collins Chidebe

Rachael Okonkwo
Rachael and Mac Collins

The rumors seem to be unending in Rachael Okonkwo’s life as it soon came to light that the Ford SUV she acquired for herself in 2014 was in fact sponsored by Mr. China, whose real name is Mac Collins Chidebe – movie actor, producer, and the chief executive officer of MCC Productions LTD.

Chidebe is the man behind Rachael’s best-known movie Nkoli Nwa Nsukka and according to speculations, Mac Collins always features the actress in most of his movies because they are secret lovers. Unlike the rumors about Erics that drew responses from both parties, neither Okonkwo nor Chidebe deemed it necessary to come up with a denial, thus, this has remained speculation to date.

Rachael Okonkwo May Have A Man In Her Life Afterall

Though she has refused to bulge about revealing the identity of her man, Rachael Okonkwo has publicly expressed her interest in marriage. According to the actress, she is ready and once her man pops the big question, she would take the walk down the aisle. When quizzed about her kind of man, Rachael told Vanguard that there are no perfect men, but all she wants is a hardworking and God-fearing spouse.

On joggling marriage and acting, Okonkwo said her career will never take the back seat when she eventually gets married, rather, she will find a way of striking a balance between the two.

She also spoke about her heartbreaks and how she was able to move on. Also in her interview session with Vanguard, Okonkwo hinted that her futures spouse may also be involved in the movie world. All pointing to the fact that there is a man in her life whose identity will be revealed when the time is right.

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