Is Rita Dominic Married? – Truths About The Her Alleged Lover

Rita Dominic is one of Nigeria’s most fascinating actresses and also one of the most beautiful. Although she is blessed a lot that most men would desire in a strong woman, she is still yet to be married, having dated some of the most admired men in entertainment and also coming close to marrying, once in the past. Of recent, there have been revelations that the delectable actress might soon walk down the aisle as she has always dreamed.

For a while, she kept the man she is said to be getting set to marry hidden from the public but has now decided it is time for the public to meet her prince charming in the person of Fidelis Anosike. Going by rumors, wedding bells may be ringing soon, even though their love story has remained quiet in the shadows, while fans still try to know who Fidelis is.

Rita Dominic And Fidelis Anosike Have A Love Story That Is Not Clear

The romance between Rita Dominic and Fidelis Anosike is one that seems to capture the interest of a lot of people both within and outside of the entertainment environment. However, details about the relationship including how they met, where, and when have all remained mysterious most especially as the actress is undoubtedly a notoriously private individual.

What has been speculated is that they have been together for a number of years, but decided to keep the relationship as private as possible, with only close friends and a few associates knowing what has been going on.

According to actor Patrick Doyle who revealed that he has had interactions with Fidelis and has also met the actress a number of times and he has come to believe that the two are deeply in love. He added that they deserve to be happy. The broadcaster’s post came only a day after the actress shared the photo of her man, getting all to believe that Patrick gave the confirmation that was being awaited.

There Have Been Allegations In The Past That She Was Gay

Fidelis Anosike
Fidelis Anosike and Jim Iyke (Image Source)

The beautiful actress has not escaped being the butt of unfounded rumors that many celebrities have always suffered. She was once rumored to be a lesbian, a speculation that did not go far. The rumors started after she turned 40 and she was still single and without any child.

The rumor did not hold grounds because she has never been linked to any woman in the past. More so, she has been in a few relationships that were well known. Some of the men she dated included controversial Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke many years ago when the two were still walking their ways up the ladder of Nollywood.

She was also in a relationship with ex-Nigerian skipper and former Chelsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi. When she once revealed in an interview that there was a time she came very close to getting married but the relationship did not work out, there was the speculation that it was to the former Super Eagles player. The well-celebrated and decorated actress indicated that she has no regrets not marrying the said lover because there was no way she could have changed an adult that never wanted to be changed.

The ageless actress has also been linked to a number of suitable bachelors in the past such as Nigerian music stars D’Banj and Banky W, as well as Ghollywood celebrated actor and politician John Dumelo.

A Closer Look At The Man She Is Now Dating, Fidelis Anosike

Fidelis Anosike
Fidelis Anosike (Image Source)

Fidelis Anosike might not be an actor, but he is not a strange face in the media. He is a media mogul who is recognized as the founder of Folio Media Group. The company owns Daily Times Nigeria, having bought it in 2007 when the company went bankrupt, forcing the government to close it down.

Although his age has not been revealed, it is known that he started Folio communications when he was only 24 years old. That wasn’t long after he graduated from The University of Benin where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Creative & Applied Fine Arts. He is also said to have run the OPM Program at Harvard Business School.

Under the belt of his mother company are other smaller companies such as Times Multimedia, 1st October, Miss Nigeria, Creative Africa Xchange (CAX), and the aforementioned newspapers among others. He was the Chairman and CEO of the company until 2020 when he stepped down from the position.

There has been no information on whether Fidelis has ever been married in the past, or just like his current lover, he has never been married. There are, however, unsubstantiated claims that he was previously married. Also, nothing has been revealed about his past love life, hence the women he has dated in the past cannot be ascertained.

They Seem Yet To Be Engaged

When Rita Dominic finally unveiled her man to her followers and fans on social media, many had believed that all was set for the lovely couple to finally tie the knot. But then, there was nothing to suggest that they had taken the big step of getting engaged since she was not seen wearing a ring on her finger in the two pictures she shared with her lover.

The rumor that she was in a relationship with Fidelis, who was previously referred to as her mysterious lover, has been in the media for a little while. The rumor climaxed in 2019 when it was claimed that the two were getting set to get married and she accepted the proposal of Anosike. Nothing came out of this and the rumors died off almost as instantly as it first surfaced.

For the next one year, there was nothing serious that was heard about the actress and the man rumored to be interested in marrying her, until December 2020 when she shared a picture together with him on her Instagram, wishing her followers a merry Christmas.

The speculation is still out there that the two are probably engaged, but officially, there is still yet to be any word on the matter from either of the lovebirds. There are some that have already gone as far as claiming that the two have had an introduction already and they might soon tie the knot. From all indications, however, this might be false or probably from one of her numerous movie roles. What is believed is that they may get married by April 2021.

Needless to say, Rita Dominic has since made it clear that even though she is already in her 40s, she still believes she will get married when the time comes. She doesn’t just want to get married because society deems it fit for her to marry, but because she wants it.

She also added that she wants to find a man of her dreams before she will get married, and also a man that would love her beyond her faults, stating that she used to be very erratic and unpredictable.


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