Who Has Scott Eastwood Dated Since His Girlfriend Died and What Is His Relationship With Clint Like?

Outside of shirtless photos and endless rumoured girlfriends, there are a couple of reasons why Scott Eastwood is famous. They include his roles in films like Invictus, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Suicide Squad. He is also the son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, renowned for his multidecade career as a producer, director, and actor.

And like most famous people, his popularity has drawn attention to his personal life, especially his dating life. Scott Eastwood notably dated Jewel Brangman, an American model who passed away in a tragic accident. Although it took a long period of emotional struggle, it appears the actor is back on the dating scene.

Scott Eastwood Has Not Been In A Serious Relationship Since Jewel Brangman Passed Away

As an upcoming actor, Scott, like many actors before him, went in and out of flings and relationships. It was a period he has described as his ‘wildest time’. In between, Scott Eastwood met Jewel Brangman, an aspiring model and gymnastic coach, and she became his girlfriend for two years, from 2012 to 2014.

On September 7, 2014, she got into a fender-bender while driving from San Diego to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her car was one of the defective airbags that killed eleven people and sparked one of the biggest recalls in American automotive history.

After hitting another vehicle, her airbag deployed with force, sending a shard of metal through her body, splitting her spine, and killing her. Even though the couple had broken up for six months before the accident, her death significantly impacted the actor.

In an interview with GQ Australia in 2016, Scott Eastwood revealed her death was a profound loss and made it hard for him to date. He struggled to talk to her father, Alexander Brangman, and did not reach out until 2016 and apologized to him, claiming he ‘did not know what to say’. Before the call, Scott had met Alexander when things got more serious between the couple.

For several years after Jewel died, Scott struggled to be in a relationship. He has frequently been seen with different women on vacations but has mostly continued to play the field since then. The gossip mill has linked him to several notable women. Still, Scott Eastwood has not had any known serious girlfriend since 2014.

His Rumored Relationships Have Fizzled Out Very Quickly

Despite what seems to be a personal reluctance to date, the internet and tabloids have not stopped extrapolating relationships for the actor from paparazzi photos. Since Jewel passed away, women like Nina Dobrev, Adriana Lima and Charlotte McKinney have been linked to the actor.

Nina Dobrev (April 2016)

Scott Eastwood girlfriend
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His rumoured relationship with Nina Dobrev came after they were spotted getting cozy at the 2016 Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. He added fuel to the rumour when he posted a Facebook photo of himself with The Vampire Diaries star.

However, despite the excitement at the prospect from fans, it turns out that they are nothing more than close friends.

Adriana Lima (July 2016)

image source

Similar incidents like a flirty night out with Adriana Lima in July 2016 spurred on more dating rumors. Paparazzi spotted The Longest Ride actor walking arm in arm with the Victoria Secret model on their way to New York’s Catch NYC restaurant.

Witnesses at the restaurant also claimed the two were extra affectionate with each other all night, sparking rumors of a relationship between the two. However, with no subsequent sightings or incidents to stoke the fire, the rumor died as quickly as it started.

Charlotte McKinney (September 2016)

image source

Unlike the first two rumours, fans had a legitimate reason to presume Scott Eastwood had found a girlfriend in Charlotte McKinney, an American actress and model. Paparazzi caught the actor and model sharing kiss on a beach in September.

Both spent a nice afternoon at a Malibu beach and appeared intimate. Sources close to the couple admitted they had been on a couple of dates, but it was nothing serious; considering fans never heard from them again, it turned out to be true.

He Is Rumoured To Have Dated Maddie Serviente, a Wellness Expert And Sports Reporter

Scott Eastwood
Scott and his once rumoured girlfriend, Maddie: image source

In recent years, the closest Scott Eastwood came to having a known girlfriend was in 2017. In New York, Paparazzi found him with a mystery brunette he had been spotted with on an Australian beach in late 2016.

The mystery woman turned out to be Maddie Serviente, a Texas-born wellness expert and rising sports reporter. They were spotted together again in May 2019, but it became their last sighting as a couple. By July 2019, Scott was on another beach day with some mystery women in Mykonos, Greece. So far, all evidence suggests Scott remains a single man.

Scott Eastwood Has A Close Relationship With His Father, Clint, Based on Shared Love For Film And Traditional Values

Scott Eastwood Related To Clint Eastwood
Scott Eastwood and his dad Clint Eastwood: Image Source

Aside from becoming an action movie star, Scott Eastwood’s connection to Clint Eastwood is one of his anchors to fame. That connection came out of his father’s affair with Jacelyn Reeves, a flight attendant he dated in the mid to late 80s. The affair produced two children, Scott, born in Monterey, California, on March 21, 1986, and his sister, Kathryn, born in 1988.

At the time, Clint was married to the actress Sondra Locke. So, Scott spent the first ten years of his childhood living alone with his mother and sister in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, before relocating to Hawaii. He spent four years in Hawaii before he moved back to California to live with his father.

It was during this time that father and son began growing closer. He completed his high school at Carmel High School and started his film career auditioning for his father’s films. Scott looks a lot like his father, and in the years since they grew closer, Clint has shaped him into a mini version of himself.

Clint is famously an old school American, and he has passed those values, such as integrity and hard work, to his son. He also believes everything must be earned, a philosophy that made Scott drop his last name for his mother’s when he started acting.

Like most kids, his father’s ethos was not always well-received by Scott. On one occasion, his father punched him in the face after learning he left his sister alone at a party. Despite the gritty nature of their early relationship, it brought them together. It also helped Scott launch his career with roles in Clint Eastwood-directed films like Invictus and Gran Torino.

The Father And Son Pair Are Proud Of Each Other

In an interview with Esquire in 2016, Scott and Clint Eastwood shared their mutual admiration for each other, particularly their accomplishments as filmmakers. While Scott is still a long way off from matching his father’s career, Clint revealed his appreciation for his growth as an actor. Scott also expressed his pride in his father’s life and career.

He went further to say he hopes to follow in his footsteps as a director or producer someday. According to the actor, he has been following up on his father’s advice to keep his eyes open and mouth shut. The advice is meant to keep him learning, and it appears Scott has been doing so thus far. He has been staying back after filming to learn from the behind-the-scenes crew rather than retreating to his trailer as most actors do.

We further learned that father and son share a lot more than their love for filmmaking during the interview. They are also critics of modern culture, particularly political correctness. Clint, a Republican turned Libertarian, and his son expressed displeasure at self-censorship and cancel culture.

But while Scott shares some of his father’s political and social stance, he has no intention of pursuing a career in politics like Clint, who once served as a Mayor of the Californian town, Carmel-by-the-Sea. Still, for a man whose birth certificate reads ‘Father Declined,’ their relationship has come a long way.

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