Scott Eastwood Related To Clint Eastwood
Scott Eastwood and his dad Clint Eastwood Image Source

Is Scott Eastwood Related To Clint Eastwood? – This is the first question that would pop into the mind of anyone who sees these two together. The resemblance is uncanny and the fact that they share the same surname makes it even more suspicious. Another similarity between these two is that they are very good at acting. Here is a detailed look at the relationship between Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood.

Is Scott Eastwood Related To Clint Eastwood, What Is His Age?

There is no doubt that there exists a relationship between Scott Eastwood and Clinton Eastwood. Scott Clinton Reeves his given name at birth is a son to the iconic filmmaker, Clint Eastwood. He is a spitting replica of his father in his younger days. Scott is the fifth child of Clint Eastwood‘s sexual exploits. His mother is identified as a flight attendant known as Jacelyn Reeves. Scott wasn’t the only product of his parent’s relationship as they also had another child, a daughter named Kathryn.

In addition to Kathryn, Scott has six other half-siblings thanks to his father’s sexual escapades. They are Alison, Kimber, Francesca, Kyle, Morgan, and the daughter he gave out for adoption, Laurie Murray.

It seems the Scott Reeves over time has built a solid relationship with some of his half-siblings as he has been seen sometimes in their company especially during premiers of movies.

Scott Eastwood was birthed in 1986, on the 21st of March in the city of Monterey, California but he grew up in Hawaii. His direct sister was born two years later in 1988. However, on Scott’s birth certificate, the column for father read Father declined. As a result, Scott was given his mother’s maiden name at birth.

Though it may seem that Clint did not originally want a part of Scott’s life, as Scott grew, he developed a relationship with his father. Information about his early childhood reveals that he split his time between his mother and father’s residence.

Scott started off working all manner of odds jobs while taking acting classes just like every normal actor.¬†Scott bore his mother’s maiden named until 2009 when he gradually began making his ascend into better movie roles thus gaining a tangible recognition in the movie industry.

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Soon he had climbed into the A list of the industry and years of struggle in the movie industry, paid off in 2016 when on his merit, he began to enjoy measurable success. Thanks to his roles in the Suicide Squad (2016), more doors opened to him and his subsequent works would include Walk of Fame (2017), The Fate of the Furious (2017), and Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018).

Like his father, Scott has proven to have some skills in filmmaking. He has produced some works such as Perfect Wave, Dawn Patrol, Walk of Fame among others.

Interestingly, these are not his only notable works, as his work on Fury (2014) and The Longest Ride (2015) both earned him National Board of Review Awards and a Teen Choice Award as best cast and choice movie actor drama, respectively.

His unstable upbringing has in no way harmed his relationship with father, as Scott is quite grateful to his father for allowing him to find his way in life.

Scott Eastwood may not have taken off in his acting career with his biological father’s name, but he as has sure proven himself worthy to bear the name. Through sheer determination and hard work and battling several audition rejections, Scott Reeves has shown he is a true son of his father.

Scott Eastwood Related To Clint Eastwood
Scott Eastwood and his dad Clint Eastwood Image Source

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His Height?

The son of the legendary filmmaker is quite athletically built, thanks to his constant workouts at the gyms. He stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.80 m) while his frame is supported by a weight listed as 83 kilograms. His other body statistics are reported as Chest-Arm-Waist: 43inches-15.5 inches-33 inches respectively.

Little wonder why he excelled as a model working for brand names like Hugo Boss and Davidoff Cool Water among others. With his distinctive blue eyes which gives him an air of attractiveness. He is a chip off the old block.

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