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At first glance, Shelby Chesnes’ beauty and charm would keep eyes glued to their screens. She is an embodiment of a whole lot of things but is mostly known as an American model beyond which she is also a businesswoman and an actress. She came to massive fame after her modeling work with the play Boy brand brought her to the limelight. She became even more known when she was made Miss July 2012 in the playboy magazine. Since then, her every move seems to be the interest of many.

Through her many sultry posts on her social media handles, she is also popular on social media and has garnered for herself a large fan base that got her the title of Social Star by Playboy Magazine. She also manages a spray tan business and an acting career; she was seen in the 2013 movie “Las Vegas”  where she starred alongside Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas.

Here’s Everything To Know About Her

Who is Shelby Chesnes?

Shelby Chesnes had a good start for a successful career in modeling, she was born as a valentine baby on February 14, 1991, in Jupiter, which was a town by the beach in, Florida, U.S. Shelby is known to have always tagged along with her mother who loved the art of photography. They both would visit the beach and Shelby would pose while her mum took pictures of her, little did she know that she would be doing a lot more of posing in the future. Her love for the beachside might have been sparked off by her frequent visits during her childhood days.

When she got to high school, she joined a team of competitive cheerleaders and further helped her develop a people charisma that would serve her well in years to come. She went on to study Psychology at Florida Atlantic University.

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How Did She Become Famous?

Shelby Chesnes had developed a thing for modeling over time, so after school, she started her search for modeling opportunities. A number of small modeling slots came but she had her eyes on bigger brands. She decided to post her pictures on the playboy website with hopes of getting slots to model. About a month after, she was invited to a trial shoot after which she had to wait a few more months before she finally got a positive response a day to her 21st birthday. She got a contract to model for the Playboy Magazine and although she was excited by the news she wondered how to break it to her mother. Surprisingly, her mother who knew how much this meant to her, gave her consent and supported her all the way.

Soon after, Shelby Chesnes landed a photoshoot in Los Angeles that made her the playmate of July 2012. This launched her into public notice and attracted other modeling jobs. Her face became a popular one, attracting people who wanted to associate with her and others who just wanted autographs. With time, she became a big shot and started getting bigger modeling deals.

Shelby became very famous because she did not stop at modeling even though it was the first career path she set her sights on. She also developed a healthy interest in business and established a line of business that fronts her spray tan. It’s surprising though that she doesn’t use her status as a model to promote her business. Besides this, Shelby delved into acting and has been seen in a number of movies. She featured Las Vegas and in Horrible Bosses II.

Body Stats

To stay in shape, Shelby Chesnes keeps a tight fitness schedule. She maintains a healthy lifestyle, exercises and practices Yoga. As a model, she stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and has an hourglass figure. She has not undergone any plastic surgeries and has a plain spotless and tattooless body.

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She is a brunette with a glistening mane of long and luxurious hair. It is worthy to note that her hair is a major area of interest for her as she believes that the state of one’s hair tells a lot about their state of health.

She loves to visit the beach as often as her time permits, a culture she groomed from childhood.

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Is Shelby Chesnes Dating Anyone?

Shelby definitely likes men and according to her wishlist, she prefers them tall, dark, handsome, teachable and not too egocentric. In a post about relationships, she made it known that though she is a modern girl, she is old fashioned at heart when it comes to relationships.

Despite this, there is still no available info about her involvement with anybody and no information with regards to her relationship status past or present on social media. Moreso, she never speaks of a husband or boyfriend, she might be keeping her relationship a secret but for now, Shelby is single.

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