Is Sicelo Buthelezi as Young as He Looks? – Facts about His Age and Rise to Fame

Fans of Gomora, the popular Mzansi Magic drama series, would know Teddy, the handsome adopted teenage son of Melusi and Gladys Dlamini. However, you would be shocked to know that Sicelo Buthelezi, the person who played the role of Sibusiso Teddy Zondo is not a teenager at all. In fact, his looks are entirely deceiving; but we love him like that!

Sicelo’s looks have been the brunt of many conversations since his first appearance in Gomora. Every fan wants to know one thing or the other about the South African actor’s background but the big question centers on the relationship between his looks and the kind of roles he plays in movies.

Sicelo Buthelezi Is Seemingly 36 Years Old

There are actually varying reports as to when Sicelo was born. Some sources say he was born on March 20, 1985, while others say it was on March 20, 1998. The Gomora star is yet to set the records straight but he does insist that he isn’t as old as the media is making him out to be. Well, what we do know is that Sicelo was born in Thembisa, East Rand, Gauteng in South Africa.

He was raised in the same township alongside his two siblings, a sister and a brother. Unfortunately, the Buthelezis lost their patriarch when Sicelo was only 7 years old and his mother had to fill in the shoes of both parents. It’s safe to say that she did an amazing job by looking at the man Sicelo has grown to be.

Sicelo attended the Ingqayizivele Secondary School where he studied commercial subjects, Accounting, Economics, and Business Studies. However, he branched into theatre immediately after his matric in 2017. He had developed a flair for acting and theatre at a young age (in Grade 10) by watching actors around him buzz passionately about the craft, and finally decided to follow his heart as a career choice.

Sicelo had been previously involved in local theatre productions, as well as playing football, but he gave up the latter for acting. The local theatre groomed his skills to a considerable extent. To date, football remains his favorite sporting activity. He claims this love for football was another draw he felt towards Teddy. Teddy is also a football lover and had a paraphernalia of Lionel Messi on his room’s desk.

His Professional Acting Career Took Off With The Market Theatre Laboratory And He Debuted On-screen At 33

His love for acting led him right to the doorsteps of The Market Theatre Laboratory in Newton, Johannesburg, South Africa. He received training as a theatre performer and was involved in a number of live stage performances, including Babylon: Beyond Borders, Hani: The Legacy and Words Fail.

Sicelo’s acting debut came in 2018 with the film, The Cleaner. The Cleaner is a fraction of Now or Never, an ABC 1 documentary show. Sicelo Buthelezi’s claim to fame, however, has to be his role as Teddy on Gomora. Gomora is a South African TV series made for Mzansi Magic. It tells the story of two families on opposite spectrums of life who got intertwined by a hijacking mishap. The series raises dust on the prevailing socio-economic issues in South Africa and the gap between the low-income and upper-class people of the country.

The actor has a great mastery of his acting craft and has won many fans and followers to himself. Sicelo says he is yet to get used to the kind of fame and recognition that has come his way since the beginning of Gomora. Well, that’s not surprising; everyone would want to be associated with a successful new face in the industry. And have you seen Gomora? There’s nothing not to like about Teddy, he’s a bag of good looks and goodness.

Sicelo’s looks have everything to do with the kind of roles he gets to play in movies. Or rather, his looks have mattered for the roles he has played so far. His juvenile appearance is apparently the reason he got the role of a teenager in Gomora when he has passed that age bracket. The actor has only just begun his career and we are hopeful for many more satisfying works with him in them.

As expected, Sicelo’s fame has made him boyfriend material. We might as well blame his good looks for this also. With ladies fawning over him, rumors began to spread that he was dating the beautiful actress, TV icon, and mother of 1, Ntando Duma. However, Sicelo laid these rumors to rest when he showed off his Queen in an Instagram post in January 2021.

Awards He Has Won Thus Far

The movie award bodies also think he is great; in 2020, he won the 4th Royalty Soapie Awards as the outstanding Newcomer for his role in Gomora. While he has only won one award, we are certain there are many more in Buthelezi’s future, if he keeps up this pace.

Besides, it is an amazing feat to win an award for one’s very first role! The actor reportedly made use of the lockdown to learn more and grow his skills, in preparation for more challenging roles.

Sicelo Buthelezi Is Building A Career In Music

Sicelo has made such an impressive mark in the South African movie industry. His major appearance in Gomora remains his best work for now, while we await more from him. As expected, the actor fears that his next works may be judged based on the success of his role as Teddy. He, however, aims to always give his best and utilize opportunities as they come.

Did you know that Sicelo also sings? Oh yes, the charming actor is also good with words and sounds. He is a musician and has been featured on tracks by some artists. Black Motion, the South African music duo, featured him on one of their 2017 tracks named Deeper North. Sicelo has also been featured by the South African music star, Mrjazziq.

The music industry is waiting to have more sounds from Sicelo. His fans are definitely eager to have him release his own track. We hope he serves as much goodness in music as he does with his acting. Whatever role he takes up next, we would be here for all of it!

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