Is Technology Addiction An Unstoppable Force?

With the amount of technology addiction satires that abound on the internet, it is evident that there are many sane, level-headed people who realize the negative aspect of living in a time where technology is woven into the very fabric of our lives.

Now, it is true that there are some people, especially in Africa who remain unaffected or uninfluenced by technology addiction, mostly because the living conditions; inclusive of war and poverty, in those places do not allow them enjoy such ‘frivolities’ but any half way stable society encounters technology addiction to differing levels.

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A simple way to understand technology addiction is to look around you and register how many people’s faces are locked on their phones right this moment even with perfectly normal people right beside them that they could attempt to strike up conversation with. It may also help to register how many times you have looked down at your own phone almost reflexively even when you are not waiting for an important update.

Technology Addicts

The ironic thing about technology addiction and the people who actively protest its invasion is that they often have to do so with the help of technology. You want to talk about how people are too invested in sharing their lives on Facebook, chances are that you will go on Facebook to drop your thoughts or else force yourself to be content with reaching only a handful of souls.

Technology Isn’t The Problem In Technology Addiction

What this shows is that technology in itself is not a bad thing, if anything, it is a great tool; it has revolutionized communication and given us larger and more effective stages to reach any type of audience. It has also created jobs and helps us daily to stay connected to an extent with family even when they are a million miles away.

Technology Addiction

The issue as always is allowing the tool become more than that. It is in giving it an exalted place in our lives so much so that it becomes more important than the people right beside you, or more important than learning or just even plain common sense. So what must we do, must we be resigned to the fact that our spelling will continually get worse, that our dates and family times will be taken over by periods of staring down at our phones, that our children not too far down the line may be unable to have an effective face to face conversation, is technology addiction indeed an unstoppable force?

Technology Addiction

The answer to those question may be a resounding YES, if you do not determine yourself to use technology as it was intended to be used, as a tool. Do not allow it take the place of any other thing in your life, instead use it to make yourself better and be disciplined in your use of it. No other person can fight the battle of technology addiction for you, you must be honest with yourself about how much you really require it and act to that regard.

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