Is Theuns Jordaan Married? A Look Into the Singer’s Personal Life

Theuns Jordaan is not married and has never been married in the past. The singer is also not in any relationship and is not known to have dated anyone besides the mother of his daughter Jo-Ann Jansen Van Vuuren. He plays the cards of his love life pretty close to the chest. 

Theuns Jordaan is a massive figure in South Africa with cult followings all over the country. He is someone who is respected for having made a mark with his music. As he grew in prominence, so did the questions about his family and love life. Very little information about his private life is known.

Theuns Jordaan Is Not Married

Theuns Jordaan, as we already mentioned, is not much of a public person. Therefore, records about his relationship have remained a mystery that many people have been trying to unravel. Apart from his daughter with a woman identified as Jo-Ann, there are no records that indicated that Theuns Jordaan is married, or even dating for that matter. We would probably have to wait to hear from the singer himself, just like he did with the birth of his daughter.

We can understand that the life of celebrities, especially those that have the same reputation as Theuns Jordaan as a charming personality, is rather rowdy and public. Unfortunately, very little is known about Theun’s past relationships. The records had not indicated who and when he dated anyone. We guess he wasn’t a social type, although we can argue that social media had not become a thing when he started his career. We can agree that despite the little information gotten about him, Theuns has lived relatively the everyday singer life with no scandals.

His Daughter Was Born In 2009

Though Theuns Jordaan is not married, it was reported in 2008 that he had impregnated a young lady known as Jo-Ann Jansen Van Vuuren. The pair were reported to have met during the Klein Karoo arts festival that year. Their passionate time together led to the birth of a beautiful young lady named Britney Deone. Theuns was still very much unmarried at the time and was excited about the news. He took full responsibility for what happened and pledged to support the mother and child.

In January 2009, Theuns announced that he had become a father after his baby mama Jo-Ann put to bed. Who could have guessed that one night of passion can lead to something so beautiful and life-changing, but that didn’t matter to Theuns Jordaan. Britney is over 15 years old now, and her mother has kept her away from the public eye, not minding her father’s status. People wish Theuns Jordaan and Jo-Ann Jansen Van Vuuren had married so they could be one of South Africa’s celebrity couples.

Theuns Jordaan Is Instead Married To His Music Career

Theuns Jordaan is not one of those music legacy kind of guys. He has had to work for everything he has earned since he started making music. Jordaan didn’t start from a very young age to make music. It sort of came to him like an inspiration, and he stuck to it and ensured that he continued to blossom. The first connection with anything connected to music was when he was in high school. He later got the opportunity to play and sing at a local pizza restaurant known as Trail in.

Born on January 10, 1971, on a Karoo farm in the Eastern Cape, Theuns had nothing that indicated that he’s specially made to be an artist. He did not make his first musical performance until he was in college at the University of Stellenbosch in 1992. That was when he announced to the world that he is here to stay as long as the music scene is concerned. He was well known for writing his lyrics and a testament to how good he is embodied in five songs he composed for his debut album, Vreemde stad. Theuns is an excellent musician who loves to be expressive with his style of music.

Theuns Jordaan has a characteristic of music that many music lovers will find appealing. His deep bass voice is the first port of call and makes you fall in love with whatever lyrics he’s coming up with. His music lyrics have been fondly described as being radio-friendly and bluesy. This is a way of acknowledging that he writes terrific love songs about his motherland, South Africa. He has had nine recorded albums to date and continues to work on making more music. He has been signed to about five record labels in South Africa and is not afraid to take up a new challenge. He has received two awards at that same time for his massive work in making good music all over South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Theuns Jordaan and His Cancer Prognosis

The attention of people on whether Theuns Jordaan is married or not shifted to a more worrisome revelation about him not too long ago. In September 2020, he announced that he had been diagnosed with leukemia after a prognosis from a physician. The singer was quick to assure his fans that the prognosis of the illness was good and that he was ready to kick the disease. Theuns started chemotherapy shortly after the diagnosis and has been responding to treatment ever since.

After one month, the doctors declared that he had entered remission and is perfectly able to recover. He also underwent Stem Cell transplant in 2020 as one of the procedures of his treatment. The blood test results of his diagnosis indicated that he has acute myeloid leukemia, which affects the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, hence the need for the transplant that took place. The transplant later took place on March 5, 2020, when the singer found a match.

He Is Almost Cancer Free

Theuns himself declared that the operation they had to prevent the spread of cancer in his bone marrow was a massive success. The doctors have already tagged him as being in remission, but there has been no clear announcement about the singer being completely cancer-free. All rumors about his recovery are just what they are, rumors.

Theuns Jordaan has had to deny that he is in critical condition more times than he can count. The singer has declared that he is fine and urged members of the community and his fans to respect his privacy during this period. The fact remains that Theuns is in recovery and will continue to recover until they state otherwise through his Facebook page.

In conclusion, we know for certain that Theuns Jordaan is not married and it’s safe to say that he is a reserved man who doesn’t like revealing a lot of things about himself. He is also a talented musician who had made a name in music for himself. It’s left to see what he can still achieve in the future as we wish him a speedy recovery.

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