Is Thomas Gumede Zola Nombona’s Husband Or Are They Just Partners?

Thomas Gumede is Zola Nombona’s husband. The South African actor, movie producer, and director married his baby mama after they welcomed a child, a boy named Cebelihle, together.

The couple previously kept their dalliance under lock and key, which presented a puzzle piece for fans as they found it almost impossible to unravel the identity of the man behind Zola’s pregnancy. However, an Instagram upload by Gumede provided the missing part of the jigsaw as it had Zola’s name inscribed on it. The pair would later make things official by getting married.

The Identity of Zola Nombona’s Baby Dady Remained A Mystery For A While

Earlier in 2020, the beautiful South African actress, Zola Nombona, who is best known for her role in the production titled Lockdown, took to social media to reveal that she was on her way to becoming a mother. However, the expectant mother omitted to let on the identity of the man who sired her baby. Even with the level of curiosity hanging in the air, fans and industry mates continued to pour in tons of love and well wishes.

Amid all the congratulatory messages, Zola ushered into the love month in beautiful style, taking to the picture-sharing platform Instagram to debut her baby bump. She was spotted in a black ensemble, inking a powerful isiXhosa poem to the baby, which melted the hearts of South Africans. While celebrating the baby shower for her unborn baby, the décor of the venue had touches of yellow and pink, hinting that it is a baby girl on the way, though Zola never revealed her baby’s sex.

By the middle of 2020, expectations were at zenith level as fans and the general public anticipated the birth of Zola’s bundle of Joy. But contrary to expectations that it was going to be a girl, an adorable boy named Cebelihle was born to the actress in June.

How Did The World Find Out Thomas Gumede and Zola Nombona Were in a Relationship?

Following the Lockdown actress’s revelation that she was expecting a child, speculations ran rife among fans and the general public concerning the identity of her baby daddy. Due to reasons best known to them, the duo seemed to prefer keeping things under wraps until Thomas Gumede unwittingly let the cat out of the bag through his social media post.

In May, the excited soon-to-be daddy took to the picture-sharing platform to share images of three ultrasound baby scans in its second trimester. One of the scans clearly showed the little man’s tiny hands while another had a clear image of his face. However, there was another item on the 2D scan that Thomas was obviously oblivious to – Zola Nombona’s name was inscribed on it!

With that tiny bit of evidence, the social media detectives quickly set to work and after putting two and two together, they came up with the correct answer. Thomas Gumede is Zola Nombona’s baby daddy. With this conclusion drawn, fans wasted no time in celebrating their union, pouring the congratulatory messages in their numbers.

In the social media upload, the actor cum movie producer gave voice to his feelings about the baby as he grows and kicks in the mother’s womb. According to Gumede, the baby has given him something he could never give to himself. The actor concluded that all his ambitions and achievements combined couldn’t give him what the baby has; his unborn son he said, has given him purpose.

Thomas Gumede ‘Denies’ Being Zola Nombona’s Baby Daddy

When he started receiving tons of congratulatory messages from fans, Thomas Gumede quickly made a u-turn with denials of him being the father of the unborn baby. The South African actor shared a statement with some laughing emojis. In the upload, he insisted that the name written on the scan belongs to the baby. His exact message says: “No, you people got it all wrong. The name you see on the 3rd baby picture is the unborn baby’s name”.

Knowing Tweeps, they bluntly refused to have any of that. Besides, Gumede’s involvement in Zola’s life was underscored by the actress’s response to his Instagram post with laughing emojis and hearts, plus a penned message simply saying “My Twin”. Even in the midst of all his denials, Thomas Gumede wasted no time in responding with a heart emoji.

Zola Nombona Later Confirmed Thomas Gumede To Be Her Baby Daddy

Zola actually let the speculations run rife for a few months before she deemed it necessary to clear the air on the identity of her baby’s father. She took to social media to confirm that indeed, Thomas Gumede is the man behind her newfound happiness and the father of her baby Cebelihle.

With everything out in the open, there is no longer any need for the couple to shroud things. They now proudly brandish their love for the world to see and since their baby was born, they always include the little tot in all they do.

The couple has not yet exchanged the forever commitment and from what is perceivable, they are not even heading in that direction. Zola and Thomas Gumede seem to be comfortable with their present arrangement, though fans are highly expectant.

The Coming of The Baby Seems to Have Improved Their Relationship

Thomas Gumede
Zola and Thomas image source

Since Thomas Gumede’s partner, Zola gave birth to baby Cebelihle, the embers of their love seem to be burning on all cylinders. The proud papa and mama can’t seem to help but beam and glow with joy and pride. This has become glaring in all the pictures they have since shared on Instagram with their baby boy.

Zola recently took to Instagram to eulogize her baby daddy during the most recent Father’s Day Celebration. In her message, the SA actress gushed about her partner’s reaction on the day she broke the good news about being pregnant. She talked about how their baby boy smiled the day he came out of the womb because according to her, the little tot has always been encircled by loads of love, tons of jokes, and oodles of laughter. Zola ended the message by reiterating her love for Thomas Gumede.

The heartwarming message elicited responses from many fans, including industry friends such as former Isibaya actress Nomzamo Mbatha, actress Inno Sadiki, model and actress Refilwe Modiselle, Simz Ngema, and Boity among others who came in their number’s to congratulate the new father on his first Father’s Day celebration.

One of Zola’s most recent Instagram uploads is an adorable video clip and snaps treating fans to a glimpse of her baby. There is a second one showing the couple as they cradled their child and a third video where Zola held her son who she called her sunshine. All these left SA movie lovers in a state of excitement as they gushed over the beautiful family.


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