Is Wiseman Mncube Married?

Wiseman Mncube is not married but there are reports that his baby mama died in 2017 while others say she was his wife. He now lives with his daughter as a single dad and refuses to talk about his love life.

Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor, playwright, and director. Born in 1990 in Ulundi, Durban, South Africa, into a family of entertainers, he developed a passion for acting early in life. Wiseman’s earliest works include KZN Ruins, Vengeance, and Cow Jumped Over The Moon. Asides from his roles in movies and soaps, the talented actor has also featured in a couple of stage productions like No Good Friday, Dawn of a Cockroach, Bent, The Game, and many more. With an estimated net worth of $250,000, the TV star has done so well for himself in the industry.

Was Wiseman Mncube Ever Married?

Wiseman Mncube lost the mother of his adorable daughter sometime in 2017 and there are speculations that the actor has decided to remain single as a result of the promise he made after the loss of his baby mama. There is no information about who she was nor how they met. Some sources have it that he was married to her while others say that they were just dating.

Following her death in 2017, Wiseman has refused to share any details concerning the circumstances that led to her death. He once declined to talk about it during an interview, stating that he was not comfortable talking about the issue because of how difficult it feels to do so.

His Mother and Brothers Are Helping Him Raise His Daughter

As alluded to above, Wiseman Mncube has a 6-year-old daughter named Lwandle who he adores so much. He reportedly promised to spend all his free time with her whenever he can. His parents and siblings also help in looking after Lwandle considering that he has decided to raise her as a single parent.

“I’m lucky that my mom is alive. I trust that she will help me raise Lwandle into a teenager. Lwandle lives with me and I leave her with some of my brothers when I go to work. She’s always in good hands”, he once said in an interview.

Reflecting on how life has been since his daughter’s mom passed, he said it has been hectic for him and he tries to fill the gap her mom left so that she doesn’t feel the absence so much. He further explained how he has to keep up with Lwandle’s demands and questions, considering the fact that there are times she may need a mother’s perspective on certain issues and he doesn’t want to say “I don’t know”. This has made him grow in so many ways as he keeps learning how to handle the situation. He has also come to appreciate how smart the little girl is, even at the tender age of 6, she challenges him. He once made a post on his social media handle where he mentioned that his little girl’s smile makes him forget all the unpleasant things in life.

While granting another interview to Daily Sun, Wiseman mentioned how the COVID 19 virus has affected his career but looking on the brighter side, he said it helped him get a full month, uninterrupted with his daughter. He spoke fondly on how she usually asks him to teach her some acting skills whenever she would see him rehearse his lines at home and of course, he always obliges her.

The two of them definitely are a force to reckon with when it comes to daddy/daughter goals.

The Actor May Not Be Single As We All Thought

Wiseman Mncube is said to have promised to raise his daughter single-handedly after her mother passed away and it appears he has no intentions to break this promise any time soon. But about remaining single after his baby mama passed on and not having more kids, he definitely didn’t promise that.

The actor seems to have welcomed another child, this time a son with an unknown woman. Since February 2021, the actor has been sharing pictures of himself with a baby boy on Instagram who he addressed as his son; this has got fans commenting.

On the 29th of June 2021, the actor took to IG to celebrate the son as he turns one. In the post he made, he promised to always be there for his son and be his guide, best friend, and king.  Although there is no information available online as to whom the actor had the boy with, fans didn’t cease to share in his joy.

Contrary to the roles he takes on while starring in movies and soap operas, Wiseman is not such a womanizer/casanova in real life. This is a bit hard for his fans to believe as they find it difficult to separate his character on TV from that in real life.

He once had to declare in an interview that he is not in any way like the character (Sbonelo) he portrays in the TV drama series, Uzalo.

Wiseman Mncube Is Not The Only Actor In His Family

Wiseman was born into a family that supported his decision to pursue a career as an actor. He happened to not be the only one of his siblings that ended up in the entertainment industry as brothers Ntando and Omega have also become prominent in the industry.

Ntando, who is the oldest of the Mncube brothers and not Wiseman’s twin as widely speculated, was born in November 1986. He studied drama at the university and was the one who inspired both Wiseman and Omega’s decision to go into acting. He also led Wiseman to his first acting role after inviting him to watch one of his theatre productions; that was how Wiseman picked interest and made the decision to begin a career in acting. He officially started his career in 2013 and is said to have a net worth of about $150,000.

Omega Mncube is the youngest of the Mncube brothers and the one who joined the entertainment world more recently. As a result, not much is known about him. The brothers have been a source of support and inspiration for one another and this no doubt is part of the reasons they keep waxing strong and succeeding in their careers. Both Omega and Wiseman have earned themselves a role on Uzalo and most of the viewers had no idea that they were brothers until it was revealed to the public in recent times.

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