Isabel Pakzad’s Relationship with James Franco: Are They Engaged or Married?

They say true love knows no age and that seems to be the case for Isabel Pakzad and James Franco. Many are quite familiar with James Franco, the American actor popular for his roles in movies such as Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Milk, Pineapple Express, and 127 Hours. But, how much do you know about his girlfriend? Isabel Pakzad is an American social media influencer and has been in a relationship with James Franco since 2017.

Perhaps what makes their relationship so adorable is the 15-year gap that exists between the two, with Franco being the older party. Critics have speculated that perhaps Isabel is dating James simply because he is a movie star. However, seeing as Isabel is an independent woman who also has a successful career, we find this notion extremely unlikely. To find out more about the biography and personal life of the beautiful Isabel Pakzad, we suggest you keep reading this article.

Who are Isabel Pakzad and James Franco?

Isabel Pakzad was born in the state of New Jersey, the United States of America on the 2nd of January 1993. Her mother’s name is Marie Pakzad and there is no information concerning her father. It is quite possible that Isabel was raised singlehandedly by her mom. Even though that can be tough, we dare say her mother did a great job. Isabel holds an American nationality and is a Caucasian by ethnicity. She joined the TV industry as a publicist whose job was to promote movies produced by CBS Films. Some of the movies she promoted include Patriots Day and Hell or High Water. In 2017, she switched employment to PMK BNC where her job was to report value assessments for events and television serial launches, schedule events, and other administrative duties.

James Franco, on the other hand, is an award-winning and nominated American actor and filmmaker. Named James Edward Franco at birth, he was born on the 19th of April 1978 in Palo Alto, California. His father, Douglas Franco, was a Silicon Valley business owner and his mother, Betsy Lou (née Verne), is a writer and actress. James Franco has an interesting heritage, being part Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian-Jewish. Franco grew up with his two brothers, fellow actors Tom and Dave Franco.

Isabel Pakzad’s Relationship with James Franco

Although we are unsure about when and how they met, it is confirmed that the two have been in a loving relationship since November 2017. Given the nature of both their jobs, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that they crossed paths during business hours. James Franco, although an extremely popular movie actor, loves to keep his business private. However, he did reveal to Evening Standard Magazine that he and Isabel were indeed in a relationship.

Isabel Pakzad has been very supportive of James Franco; she was present at the IndieWire Honors and was seen cheering for him excitedly as he received an award. She was also his date to the 2018 SAG Award, as well as the San Sebastian Film Fest. In 2018, the couple was seen engaging in some major PDAs while on vacation.

Their relationship stayed strong even while allegations of sexual misconduct were leveled against James Franco in 2018. Several women came forward to accuse the actor and several sources close to Franco mentioned how the turn of events had really shaken him up. Isabel Pakzad stayed by his side despite the allegations, defending and supporting him all through.

After a while, the couple is still strong together. James Franco and Isabel Pakzad appeared together at the season three premiere of HBO’s The Deuce in September 2019. No doubt the internet will be awash with plenty more pictures of these Isabel Pakzad and James Franco together.

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Are They Engaged or Married?

Sources close to the couple have mentioned that Isabel Pakzad and her boo James Franco have actually had talks about going to the next level, but for now, that’s all it’s been so far. The couple is still enjoying their time together and doesn’t seem to be in much of a rush to put a ring on each other’s fingers. Only time will tell if that will change.


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