Islamisation Agenda Is Real – Prof. Ben Nwabueze

Prof. Ben Nwabueze and pro-Biafrans are not confused about the Islamization agenda. They have reasons beyond every doubt to believe that President Buhari has intentions of making Nigeria an official Muslim country.

From his inception into office as the President of Nigeria, Buhari has been refreshing and accommodating ties with Islamic nations.

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Seconding the line of thought is President Buhari’s executive silence when it comes to addressing the Fulani Herdsmen menace. Till date there are still unreported cases of attacks from the group in several parts of Nigeria.

Many have summed up Buhari’s attitude as an approval and a step towards the Islamization agenda. Since the most attacked areas are Christian communities, the massacres are perhaps considered as a means to a ‘religious’ end.

Coming from the political point of view, a south-eastern monarch and political figure, Professor Benjamin Obiefuna Nwabueze has boldly accused Buhari’s government of truly working towards Islamizing Nigeria which by constitution grants freedom to all religion.

“Islamization agenda is real, it’s not something that somebody has just conjured up. It’s there. And it’s being implemented gradually.

“Look at the security agencies; every aspect of security , Muslims are in control in its entirety”.

“They are doing it methodically; the way they are going about its implementation. Look at Fulani herdsmen menace, it is part of it.”

Prof. Ben Nwabueze.

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Prof Ben Nwabueze is a renowned constitutional lawyer. He gave a piece of advice to pro-Biafra agitators; warning that aimless agitations is a political trap that will favor a further oppression of the Igbos.

“The agitation for Biafra, you will appreciate what is going on, to box the Igbo, to box them so that they will say, ah we are pulling out.”

“And then, they will launch the final solution to the Igbo problem. Our people must not play into their hands. All these agitations, I support the agitation, but define your objective.”

“What do you want? Self-determination, okay; that is the best thing, use it as a cover, don’t come out openly and say you are agitating because you want the sovereign state of Biafra. Sovereign state of Biafra within sovereign Nigeria? You have to be extremely tactful.”

– Prof Ben Nwabueze.

Firing up other Igbo traditional and political leaders, report says that a communique of their meeting will be presented to the presidency as regards Fulani herdsmen and the seeming nepotistic tendencies in political and government appointments.