Nothing To Fear, Nigeria Will Not Be Islamised – Osinbajo

Countering the popular suspicion of Islamising Nigeria, Vice President, Prof. Osinbajo has said that Nigeria will not be islamized; thus the people have nothing to worry about.

The VP said this during the Student Christian Movement of Nigeria (SCM) function where he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Making reference to the first democratic constitution of 1999, the VP is of the view that Islamising Nigeria is impossible. He says the plan had already been forbidden by the rule of law.

The long time Christian Pastor and VP used the opportunity to urge the group to assist the nation in disseminating factual information about the federal government’s policies and programmes.

He extended his request to church leaders; pleading that they feed the people with facts and not fake information stemming from probable suspicion.

Islamising Nigeria has been the fear of Christians in Nigerian ever since the assumption of office by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Adding to the fear of having a Muslim President, was the subsequent moves towards Arabic-coalitions signed by the President with no referendum whatsoever.

Mr. President’s apparent indifference towards religious crimes perpetrated by local northern extremists(Fulani herdsmen) has been perceived also as a sign that the president could be harboring the intention of turning Nigeria into a Muslim country.

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Despite the fact that the president has publicly refuted the suspicion, saying that he has no plan of “Islamising” or “Paganising” Nigeria, Many still fear, calling the plan a hidden agenda which is gradually raising its head in the country.

The President’s seeming nepotistic tendencies did not equally help in convincing the people that he meant what he said.

Before now, Naij records that Osinbajo revealed last year that Buhari’s cook of 25 years and his driver are Christians, adding that while he was a Military Head of State, almost 70% of his cabinet were Christians and he never made attempts to Islamise them.