Italian Earthquake

Italian Earthquake – Yesterday Central Italy experienced a 6.2 magnitude earthquake at about 3.30 am. The death toll has increased to over 260 including children; hundreds injured and over 1000 displaced.

A significant hopeful event since the Italian earthquake is the recent rescue of a 10-year old Italian girl from the rubble.

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Report says that after 17 hours the girl’s leg was spotted amidst some sounds. Carefully they removed the rubble binding her under the rubble and gratefully she came out alive.

There is no further information on the health status of the girl at the moment. However it is indeed miraculous that a tender-aged child made it out alive when tons of others did not.


Many world leaders have condoled with Italy over the disaster.

Pope Francis commiserated with the nation and the victims. He sent out a rescue team from the Vatican to help out in the rescue mission at the sites of the earthquake.

The Italian earthquake is so serious that it is said to have literally wiped off places in the Italian map.

Survivors of the Italian earthquake narrated their shock and despair during the havoc. A witness says it felt as though their beds were on rollers.


Rescue teams consisting of over 4300 persons are tirelessly searching for as much survivors as possible. They are using equipment like tractors, farm equipment and simple hand tools to break through the rubble in the search for survivors.

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BBC reports that “dozens of people are believed to be trapped in ruined Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto, in mountainous central Italy”. The rescuers warn that Amatrice, a historic and tourist-friendly town is crumbling.

It went on to state that,

“Many of the earthquake’s victims were children. The heaviest death toll was in Amatrice – 184, officials said. Another 46 died in Arquata, and 11 in Accumoli. A further 264 people have been treated in hospital.”