Over 300 Italians Living In Acciaroli Have The Secret To Longevity – And It Could Be Rosemary

Imagine a town where there are about 300 centenarians. Incredible! But true. The secret is in Acciaroli diet.

At a time where getting up to a 100-years and over is a serious blessing, we have 300 Italians in a small town, Acciaroli, who are 100-years and even more.

Many scientists have found this interesting. Initial research carried out points to the diet and the lifestyle of these old people. More conclusive researches are still being carried out at the moment.

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Dr Alan Maisel, professor of cardiovascular medicine at the San Diego School of Medicine, said:

“The goal of this long-term study is to find out why this group of 300 is living so long by conducting a full genetic analysis and examining lifestyle behaviors, like diet and exercise.”

It was found that the town, situated between the sea and mountains, make the best of these natural bodies.

They walk and hike a lot. The most important factor however is the Mediterranean diet-fish and olive oil content – which they are accustomed to.


A particular interest has gone into the herb Rosemary, which is predominant in their cuisine.

Acciaroli has a population of 2000. It is rather stunning that as much as 300 of them are centenarians, who are are still active by the way. Research has shown that the Mediterranean Acciaroli diet may be the reason why the town has one of the lowest cases of heart diseases and Alzheimer.

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On that note, scientific findings on rosemary show that the herb contains compounds which may be the key to the surprising health of the Italian centenarians.


For instance, it contains some compounds in carnosic acid which helps to improve memory, eye health and prevents brain damage. Other studies also indicate that rosemary has anti-inflammatory and tumor-fighting properties.

The average life expectancy rate in Italy is 81.86 years. All thanks to routine exercising and the healthy Acciaroli diet.