Depending on where you stand on the jokester scale, the first of April can either be one of your best days or one of your least favorite in the entire day. It is a day where people are almost guaranteed to play tricks if not on you, then on somebody you know and getting angry at these tricks is almost always in bad taste, because it is after-all “April Fool’s Day.” So we know you would appreciate some tips on how to get through this day without ripping your head off or otherwise, killing someone.

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Be Alert: You cannot or rather should not be going through this day like it is just another random day. Know that tricks and bad jokes may be lurking around each corner. For that reason you have to be more perceptive and less trusting than usual, especially when it comes to really old friends and family.


Don’t Forget Your Sense Of Humor: Even by being alert, you probably will be unable to escape all the potential pranks, so do not step out without your sense of humor, make up your mind to enjoy yourself. It is the only way you leave this day sane or without a murder rap to your name.

Play A Prank Yourself: Play a prank, it’s the day for it and it will keep you from feeling like a victim when others pull one on you. Stick with what you are comfortable with and make sure the joke is not thoughtless, this is why it is better to play a prank on someone who you know and even more preferable, someone who you are close to.

Laugh Heartily At The Jokes And Pranks: Laugh heartily at the end of the pranks, both for those that are pulled on you and those that you pull. The key here is to laugh along with the person not at them and refrain from using any degrading or nasty language while doing this. If the person is not laughing after the prank, try and coax a laugh out of them, again this is why it works better with people you know.

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