It’s Time To Throw Out And Replace Your MakeUp

It can be rightly pointed out that the skin is the largest organ in the body and certainly the most upfront. Like it or not, taking care of our skin ensures that it will take care of us, a healthy, unblemished skin is a great asset for any woman or man for that matter. For women who love makeup, they can be a great enhancer of features, markedly transforming your appearance and even giving a boost to your self confidence because; well you look good.

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When the enhancer will however most likely cause more harm than good, it ceases being a good investment. For this reason, holding on to that good, expensive, hardly used but all the same expired makeup product is more detrimental to you than the regret that you may feel throwing it out.


So let’s get you committed to treating your skin better; you should stay on top of your makeup products, with knowledge of when they were purchased and how long you have had them and with these in mind, here is a general timeline of when exactly to let that product go;

  • Mascara – about 3 months
  • Eye and lips pencils – about 2 years
  • Lipsticks – about 2 years
  • Concealers and foundations – about 2 years
  • Nail polish – about 1 year

This timeline is often posted at the bottom or the label of your product, so you can check on them when you purchase your makeup product. You can also often tell when a product has to be replaced when things like; drying out, excessive clumping occur or even weird smells permeate from said product.


Just as important as being mindful of the timeline and discarding really old makeup products, is cleaning your makeup brushes properly after each use. Brushes do tend to harbor a lot of bacteria that would lead to unwanted breakouts on your face. The thing to keep in mind in all this is that your skin should be protected, when the heat is sweltering and you have to face the world bare-faced you will be grateful of the care you took with it.

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