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From the game of football where he planted his feet in the annals of history, to the world of mixed martial arts where he left no stone unturned, Ivy Calvin came into showbiz with a champion’s competitive spirit and he excelled in reality TV. Those familiar with the History channel show, Storage Wars will certainly know the amazing character who became a regular cast on the show in the fifth season, after he had previously featured briefly in the series third season.

Talk of business, the Black-American is not left out, as he runs a thrift store called Grandma’s Attic where he earned the moniker  – King of Palmdale because of his success in auctioning and his great buying ability. His business has earned him much more money in addition to what he’s earned as a TV star.

Ivy Calvin Biography

The 10th day of September 1971 saw the birth of Ivy Calvin in California, in the United States of America. He was raised in California and has spent a great deal of time in the same city. Though not much is known publicly about his family, it is speculated that he has a sister who goes by the name Tanya. He graduated from the California State University, Northridge where he played college football as a linebacker.

After graduation, he continued with his football career signing up professionally with the Arena Football League before he ventured into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a fighter. His fighting skills and strength saw him defeat the dreaded Samu Samu in the Ultimate Cage Fighting 2 (UAGF 2) before exiting that career line.

In his quest to increase his source of income, he thought it wise to invest in a thrift store business and by 2009, the Grandma’s Attic business was up and running driving in customers for him within its locality, Palmdale, a central area in California. Ivy Calvin soon became a pro and expert in the art of smart buying and auctioning, driving in more sales via marketing and selling items at flea markets and swap meets, a job that got him much recognition.

His discernable passion for football, earned him a coaching job with the Vasquez High School as he was appointed the school’s football team assistant coach. During his stint as an assistant coach, he prompted fundraising for the school using Facebook, the realized funds well put into good use in buying and fixing up sports equipment for the high school.

Calvin’s journey as a television star began with his appearance in the third season of the History Channel’s show titled Storage Wars. He became more regular in the fifth season of the series after the exit of Dave Hester. This gave him wider recognition.

Net Worth

The King of Palmdale is no doubt a rich man, as he has cruised his way into the millionaire club with his net worth pegged over a $1.5 million. His major source of income is his store and his salary as a TV personality, which is speculated to pay him about $175,000 in a single season. Together with his lovely family, he resides in his three-acre edifice in Acton, California.

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His Wife Wendy

Ivy Calvin
Ivy and wife Wendy Calvin being interviewed at Wanted Awards image source

The television star may be a popular figure with his professional life out in the public glare, but the same can not be said about his personal life or marriage. However, it is a known fact that he is the husband of a woman simply identified as Wendy. The couple’s dating and marriage history are unknown as they have successfully kept their personal lives off the prying eyes of the media.

Wendy has been supportive of her man Ivy Calvin in running his business, she once accompanied to the red carpet event of the Reality Wanted Awards held in April 2004, in Los Angeles, California.

Together, they have two wonderful sons – Isaiah and Ivy Jnr. who have also towed their father’s career line participating in sports and TV! They featured in one episode of Storage Wars alongside their father. Ivy Jnr. is an avid sports lover who plays football, basketball, and tracks while he hopes to earn a college scholarship to help bring to reality his dreams of being a pro athlete.

What Is He Doing Now?

The father of two resides with his family in Acton, California. He still watches over his business, while partly serving as a coach in a football team. With more time on his hands, he has been seen taking his sons out for hunting, hiking, camping and fishing trips which have helped to increase the bond he shares with his beautiful family.

He has active social media handles in Instagram (2,900k), Twitter (17.8k) and Facebook (14.6k) where all his fans, potential buyers of his goods and the public can follow his daily activities as well as order for their chosen goods.

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