Iyanna Mayweather – Bio, Facts About Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter

The name Mayweather rings a bell across the globe and sharing in the fame is one of Mayweather’s kids, Iyanna Mayweather. Iyanna is a social media personality who mainly built her fame from being the daughter of the world-famous American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. He had her with his former girlfriend, Melissa Brim – an entrepreneur and CEO of Las Vegas-based Devanna Love Boutique and Beauty Bar.

Iyanna’s parents met in the late 1990s. Her mum was just 16 then and was working at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Before meeting Floyd, Melissa already has a son, Devion Cromwell (whom Floyd would later adopt) from a previous relationship. On the side of Mayweather, he also had two kids with his then-girlfriend, Josie Harris. These, however, did not deter the lovebirds from going ahead with their romantic affair which later produced Iyanna. Read on to get all the details about Iyanna Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

Iyanna Mayweather Bio

Iyanna Mayweather was born on 20th May 2000 in Nevada, Las Vegas, the United States. She is American by nationality but African by ethnicity.

Iyanna is one of the four children (precisely the third child and first daughter) of her father, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. She is, however, his only child with her mother, Melissa Brim. Iyanna grew up in Las Vegas, alongside her three older half brothers – Devion, Koraun, and Zion, and a younger half-sister – Jirah. While she is of the same mother but different father with Devion, she is of the same father but a different mother with Jirah, Koraun, and Zion who were all mothered by Floyd’s former girlfriend, Josie Harris. Her parents separated in 2012 over verbal and physical abuse on the side of her father against her mother.

Iyanna Mayweather completed her high school education at the young age of 15 and subsequently earned a diploma at 18. Following her graduation, Iyanna has not taken a definite step towards any particular career path. She has, however, tried her hands in music, releasing the music video of her first song, “Oh Okay Remix” on YouTube in October 2018.

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Facts About Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter

Iyanna with her parents, Mayweather and Melissa on her graduation in 2018: image source

1. Iyanna Mayweather goes by the nickname, Money Yaya. While Money is her father’s own nickname, she coined “Yaya” from her first name Iyanna.

2. The name of her mum’s boutique “Devanna” is taken from her name, Iyanna and that of her older half brother, Devion.

3. Iyanna appears to be her dad’s favorite. She usually goes training with him at the gym and often appears with him at public events.

4. For her 18th birthday, Iyanna received an extremely expensive diamond ring from her father alongside a star-studded party. The 18-carat Canary Pristine ring was reportedly worth up to $5 million! Both father and daughter got a lorry load of backlash from social media users over the insanely gross extravagance.

5. Mayweather’s daughter had earlier received two Mercedes Benz cars – a 550 S-Class and a G-Class from the world-famous boxer for her 14th birthday. Popular Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber also performed at the birthday bash.

6. On her 16th birthday, musicians Drake and Future headlined her party, while Bieber recorded a special message for her.

7. Iyanna could be taken for an Instagram star, having garnered close to 1 million followers on the social media platform. She also owns a budding self-titled YouTube channel, with just two videos and 431 subscribers at the moment. In addition, Iyanna has over 27k followers on Twitter.

8. She recently had a fling with fast-rising American YouTube rapper, NBA YoungBoy. YoungBoy is widely known for going through women with unqualified ease. He currently has five kids at 19 and is allegedly plagued with STDs.

9. Iyanna Mayweather has an obviously mini stature, standing short at a height of 4 feet 11 inches. But then, she has an alluring figure measuring 32-23-32 inches, with dark brown eyes and black hair.

10. As shocking as it may sound, Iyanna’s father abandoned her mother for his girlfriend, Josie Harry for about five years after he impregnated her with Iyanna. Nevertheless, he came back to her after ending his relationship with Josie.

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