Jack Marrian Arrested Over Drug Trafficking In Kenya
A British national Jack Alexander Wolf Marrian appears at Kibera Law Court in Nairobi, Kenya Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016. Kenyan police have charged Marrian with trafficking nearly 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of cocaine that was impounded last week at the country's main seaport. (AP Photo/Khalil Senosi)

Son of Scottish aristocrats, Jack Marrian and a Kenyan, Roy Francis Mwanthi have been arrested in Nairobi over the smuggling of 100kg worth of cocaine which was labelled as ‘Sugar’.

Born in the famous Scottish Clan Campbell of Cawdor, Jack Marrian, son of Lady Campbell of Cawdor was accused of smuggling 100kg worth of Cocaine in Kenya.

This is one of the biggest seizures of cocaine in Kenyan history.

The 30-year-old Jack Marrian denied the charge at a court appearance in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

The cocaine was found in a container which was arriving from Brazil and on its way to Uganda. The container which had the cocaine in it had a label of ‘Sugar’ on it.

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Documents found on the ship referred to Jack Marrian as a director of  Mshale Uganda Ltd, the receptor of the ‘sugar’.

Two other Kenyans are also suspected of being involved. The first, Roy Francis Mwanthi was charged with trafficking cocaine. The other, who has not been named yet was questioned, however, it is not clear whether he has been charged yet.

Both Marrian and Mwanthi denied the charges, although the police had accused them both of contacting the people who were to process the cargo at the sea port before it was impounded by authorities.

A spokeswoman for Mshale Commodities said: “Mshale is aware of speculation regarding an allegedly compromised shipment consigned to Mshale Commodities. We can confirm that Mshale’s managing director, Jack Marrian, is assisting the Kenyan authorities to provide them with whatever information they require.

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“Mshale operates stringent procedures to protect the integrity of its supply chain. Until these investigations are concluded, we are unable to comment further.”

If convicted, Marrian could spend the rest of his life in prison, serving out the full sentence for drug trafficking in Kenya.