Jackie Braasch – Bio, Facts About Her Relationship With Big Chief Justin Shearer

We’re familiar with men racing behind the wheels and giving each other a run for their money. We’re used to men raising the trophies at the world grand prix. But in the men-dominated racing world are incredible women who’re moving the margins and redefining the status quo. Jackie Braasch is one of such women.

As a professional car racer and member of the women’s motorsports organization, Braasch’s career stint at such a young age makes her a worthy model for women who intend to race dirty. Although she was first a preschool teacher, street racing is where she found fame and acclaim. Nevertheless, she is best known for her relationship with the reality TV personality and fellow street racer, Justin Shearer (a.k.a Big Chief). Join us as we take a peek into her bio and other interesting facts about her relationship with Big Chief.

Jackie Braasch’s Bio

Jackie Braasch was born in Joliet, Illinois, on July 4, 1990, into a family of auto lovers. Although we have very scanty info about her childhood, early education, sibling and her parents, we know that her father was a garage worker who inspired her love for cars and racing. Daddy would usually take little Braasch to his garage where he was either building or fixing a car. As she later revealed, her father began building his 1985 Chevy Camaro the very year she was born. And as she grew, she began learning the family trade too. But she wasn’t alone.

She was usually joined by her sisters, Erin, and Tina Braasch—now Tina Bucaro. Together, they raced while in elementary school. Her stint began in 1998 when she started to distinguish herself as a racer with regular victories in the Junior Dragster Division (JDD). The JDD gave Braasch the opportunity to participate in various car racing competitions including the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series and Super Pro, both at Route 66 Raceway in her hometown.

In 2014, Braasch raced alongside 398 other women in the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race. She finished as one of the top 12 finalists. Owing to her incredible feat in racing, Braasch has won several championships and was even crowned the “Car Chix Girl” in May of 2015; earning her a spot in the 2015 Car Chix Calendar. The recognition also won her a Spitzer Dragster with a 510ci Big Block Chevy.

Racing aside, Jackie Braasch also works as a preschool teacher. If you were wondering how teaching and racing align, you’re definitely not alone. Well, it all reflects in her overall net worth.

Facts About Her Relationship with Big Chief Justin Shearer

1. How They Met

Jackie Braasch.
Jackie Braasch and her lover, Justin shearer

We’re not sure when they started seeing each other, but we have no doubt it all began on the racing track. Plus, we know how much of a stir it caused when details about their affair went public in 2017. It was confirmed that Big Chief’s wife, Alicia Shearer, had filed for the divorce after learning about his extramarital affair with Jackie Braasch; ending their decade long marriage. They have since divorced but still hold shared custody of their two boys, Cobrin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

2. Home Wrecker Accusations

Obviously, the end of Big Chief’s marriage didn’t go down well with his fans, who labeled Braasch a homewrecker. In the wake of the shocking revelation, Jackie Braasch disappeared from social media and deactivated her Instagram account for a while. However, Justin Shearer later announced on his show, The Chief and Shawn show, that his ex-wife and girlfriend are getting along quite well. So far, there’s been no news about Shearer popping the big question to his newly-found love Jackie Braasch.

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3. Height and Body Measurement

If you were wondering why Justin Shearer went gaga over Braasch, there’s no need to wander too far. Braasch is actually quite beautiful. With her curvy build, she stands 5 inches 2 feet (1.58 meters) tall and weighs around 135 lbs (62 kg). She has long wavy blonde hair and tender blue eyes.

Jackie Braasch’s Net Worth

If you were wondering how rich Jackie Braasch is, a 2019 estimate puts her total net worth at over $1 million. Much of that comes from a successful racing and tutoring career. However, her exact annual take home is not clear at the moment.

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