Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was the action hero of most people when they were much younger, and for some, the love for the action star still persists till this day.

So what could cause fellow citizens of his home country, Hong Kong, to consider him a coward?

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Cowardice is not a term especially reminiscent of an action star. Jackie Chan earned himself the very telling smear, quite surprisingly, as the result of a good cause.

The actor had joined some other well-known Hong Kong celebrities in an online tribute for two firefighters who died in a blaze that burned for days in a commercial building.

Hong Kong’s showbiz community launched the campaign “Salute to Our Firefighters” this week, and celebrities took selfies holding a piece of paper with the slogan “salute to firefighters.”


It is important to note however, that the campaign is not raising money for the families of firefighters, it is just an online tribute, as such over a hundred celebrities, including Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, award-winning actors Andy Lau and Eric Tsang uploaded photos on their social media pages.

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Hong Kong reacted to their show of support by accusing the celebrities of capitalizing on the tragic 108-hour blaze to promote themselves while they remain silent about political issues that affect the city.

The citizens point out that the celebrities have not spoken out about any relevant political issues, even injustices wrought on fellow entertainers.


Some altered the images to show their discontent. The slogan in Jackie Chan’s photo was changed to “Hong Kong is tarnished by incapable officials.”

Columnist Budming supposedly speaking for the people, wrote in an independent Hong Kong news outlet, that Hong Kong celebrities’ image has been tarnished over the years, even though they don’t realize it;

“They only focus on making money in mainland China and producing low quality TV shows…They don’t even deserve the respect from the public professionally. And now suddenly they act righteously to take up social responsibility. It is not difficult to understand why the public finds them disgusting.”

The people of Hong Kong are discontent with their silent celebrities and as Jackie Chan has refused to speak out for democracy in the country, they consider him a coward.