The Riveting Story of How Jackie Redmond Ended Up as a Sports Anchor and Facts About Her Personal Life

In the male-dominated world of sportscasting, women like Jackie Redmond have made a difference and proven that women can also hold their own in sports matters. She is a sports anchor and a host at NHL and MLB Network.

Her illustrious work in presenting has endeared her to many sports fans who troop in their numbers to whatever program she covers. Here’s a glimpse into her background and how far she has come doing what she loves – dissecting sports happenings.

Jackie Redmond’s Father Put Her On to Sports

Jackie Redmond was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on April 12, 1987, as one of her parents’ two daughters. She was raised alongside her sister, Marcy, mostly by their father, Steve. Their mother was often unavailable because she travelled a lot.

Being a sports enthusiast, Steve had an enormous influence on his daughters and the sisters both grew up playing hockey. Jackie’s affinity for sports specifically came from watching and analyzing hockey and baseball games and shows with her dad. She also played baseball and basketball, and before then, she was a figure skater.

According to Redmond’s interview with Double G Sports, those father-daughter bonding moments where they listened and talked through post-game sports talk radio planted the seed of her chosen career. Those conversations helped mold her confidence even though she didn’t realize just how much until high school.

Also, the fact that she felt most comfortable while discussing the subject and how people reacted to her passionate views and opinions on sports contributed and prepared her for where she is today.

All of Jackie’s education was in Canada. She attended the University of Guelph-Humber in 2006 and graduated with a BA in media studies, and a journalism diploma in 2010.

Redmond Started Her Professional Career with a First-of-its-kind Win

Jackie Redmond
Jackie in her first job for Sportsnet: image source

After graduation, Jackie Redmond joined Roger’s TV in London, Ontario as an intern. There she was able to gather tremendous experience as her role included everything from camera work to field reporting. She then had another interning stint with London Knight and Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Redmond spent about four months with the latter outlet before she hit her big break in 2011. She won the Gillette Drafted: The search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster season 3. This win was iconic because she was the first female ever to win the contest, and also because it marked the beginning of her professional career.

Winning the show made her a good target for reputable sports networks, some of which she has worked with since then, including Canada’s Sportsnet. Redmond soon became renowned for not backing down on media presentations and her commanding personality on-air.

Jackie Redmon worked as an anchor with Sportsnet for six years, during which she hosted the daily sports show ‘Live@theScore’ (the highlight of her stay there) with co-host Cam Stewart. She covered several other programs, including the NHL playoffs for hockey central ‘Playoff extra’, NCAA Hockey Broadcasts, as well as the WWE Experience, WWE Ask the Ref and WWE Aftermath.

During her time at theScore, Redmond also hosted the hit shows Plays of the Month, Misplays of the Month, and SportsNet Central. The anchor has also had the honour of covering the Pan Pacific Swimming Championship 2014.

Between her looks and her skills, it is no news that Jackie has caught the eye of viewers, and employers alike. So, it was hardly surprising when she landed a contract to host at NHL & MLB Network in 2017.

Jackie Redmond’s Other Accomplishments

The Canadian TV host had to leave her home in Toronto when she got her job at NHL & MLB network to move to NYC because it ticked some boxes on her career goal. It is no doubt a big deal to her, but certainly not for lack of accomplishments in her life before the contract.

She was on the cover of On the Go magazine, Toronto’s favourite commuter magazine. The segment captured her views on WWE, misplays, karma, and life in general to the delight of many.

Redmond is credited as a producer on the series PokerStars: NHL Alumni Charity Tournament, and Gillette Drafted. She has also had the privilege of interviewing some entertainment and sports big names, including The Rock, Mats Sundin, Matthew Tsang, Tyler Johnson, Kyle Lowry, and many more in her career. She hosts NHL Now with E. J Hradek.

Jackie Redmond is Dating a Former Big Brother Contestant

Named among the 60 sexiest female sports reporters of 2013 and having a fantastic figure with a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Jackie doesn’t lack in assets that draw men to her. However, of the many men that have made their case, Emmett Blois is the reporter’s lucky boyfriend.

He is a gym owner, Instagram personality, and former Big Brother contestant, who has partnered with Subway a few other brands. The two reportedly met each other via social media in 2015 and went public with their relationship in May 2019. The exact period they began their relationship remains unknown.

Jackie and Emmett have a visible relationship, with plenty of social media presence. They are plastered on each other’s Instagram timeline and Jackie’s YouTube channel.

She was rumoured to be involved in an affair

Jackie Redmond was rocked by controversy in 2018 when news of her alleged affair with MLB star Josh Donaldson broke. The Toronto Blue Jays player was said to have been caught in the act with Jackie by his long-term girlfriend, Briana Miller.

Though we can’t speak to the rumour’s credibility, Redmond, who covered the Blue Jays team for Sportsnet at the time, was also alleged to have been with other players on the team.

Briana Miller subsequently deleted all posts of her with Donaldson off her social media. After the rumour broke, Redmond was also reassigned from her assignment with the Blue Jays to the network’s NHL section.

She has other hobbies outside of sports

Though sports have been her lifelong passion, Redmond also has other interests like karaoke, pool, golf, Broadway shows, and poetry. One of her ultimate career goals is to write a book. As an admitted Big Brother fan, Jackie has also said she’d love to host the Canadian game show someday.

Jackie Has a Net Worth of $400,000

Jackie has done well for herself as a sports media personality with so much to give still. She currently has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Considering the fact that she is nowhere near retiring, her net worth should see a significant increase in the coming years.

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