Jackson Galaxy – Wife, Net Worth and Gay Rumors

American cat enthusiast, Jackson Galaxy a.k.a Cat Daddy, is one of those people who live by the belief that every animal deserves a home. A cat behaviorist, and television host, Galaxy is most popular for his show, My Cat from Hell. In his over two-decade career in cat behaviorism, Jackson Galaxy has featured as a cat behavior expert on several popular media publications. They include The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Post, and AOL. He has also appeared as same on Animal Planet’s Cats 101, as well as on Think Like a Cat on GSN. Moreover, Galaxy’s signature bald haircut, out-of-the-way beard and mustache style, prominent tattoos and bold earrings, add up to make him a more striking personality. Find out everything you need to know about the overall cat expert as you read on.

Jackson Galaxy Bio

Jackson Galaxy was born on April 28, 1966, in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A. His original name was Richard Kurschner. He, however, permanently changed it (through a legal process) to Jackson Galaxy on reaching adulthood, precisely in his twenties. He is a Christian.

Growing up, Jackson wanted to be a musician, particularly a rock star, and he actually became one. For fifteen years, he worked as a rock player in Boulder, Colorado where he relocated to in 1992, often performing and volunteering at animal shelters.

Meanwhile, Jackson Galaxy had a number of personal and health issues. He was a smoker, alcoholic, drug, and food addict, eventually weighing up to 400 pounds! However, a number of personal experiences with animals over the years impacted his life and caused his love for cats to grow. His encounter with a particular cat named Benny completely saved his life. While he cared for the cat which had a broken pelvis, it symbolically compelled him to pick up the broken pieces of his own life and move forward. Galaxy consequently enrolled for training in cat behavior with the Humane Society, Boulder Valley.

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Cat Behaviorism Career

After working for a while rescuing and caring for cats with the society, Galaxy settled for cat consultancy. He co-established Little Big Cat, Inc. with the holistic veterinary doctor, Jean Hofve in 2002. The duo gave professional advice to cat owners, focusing not only on the physical symptoms of an animal’s disease but also taking into account the behavioral/social factors.

After practicing in Boulder for five years, Jackson Galaxy left for Los Angeles in 2007 to revive his music career. The same year, he went through a gastric bypass operation which left him weighing 250 pounds. A vegan diet which he later switched to also caused him to lose more weight, and helps to keep his poundage under check.

However, instead of reigniting his music career as intended, Galaxy ended up continuing working as a private cat consultant. He worked with clients to enhance their cats’ behaviors and overall health. He also worked with rescue organisations and animal shelters, sharing with their staff and other animal adopters, his wealth of knowledge in cat behaviorism.

My Cat from Hell and Other Ventures

Jackson eventually landed his career breakthrough in 2011 when he started hosting My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet. He uses the platform to provide assistance to cat owners in solving their animal’s behavioral issues. In 2013, he also became the host of Cat Mojo, a web series aired on the Animalist Network. His programs also feature on other channels including The Today Show, 20/20, The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and so on.

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Jackson is also an animal rights activist, actively involved in several projects and organisations that seek for animal welfare. He is the founder of the Jackson Galaxy Project. JGP is a foundation that promotes animal rescue and adoption, with an ultimate goal of saving the four million animals that annually perish in shelters. He is also the CEO of Jackson Galaxy Solutions. JGS is a producer/seller of Spirit Essences which are wholesome remedies for cats’ holistic well being, plus a variety of cat toys and other cat-related products. In addition, he serves on the board of directors/advisors of several US animal charities including Stray Cat Alliance, FixNation, Neighborhood Cats, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Tree House Humane Society.

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Jackson has also co-authored several books on how to care for cats as well as lessons from the animal. With Joel Derfner he authored Cat Daddy (2012). With Kate Benjamin, he wrote Catification (2014) and Catify to Satisfy (2015). In 2017, he released Total Cat Mojo with Mikel Delgado.

Net Worth

Jackson Galaxy’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. He built up his wealth mainly from his television hosting jobs, especially My Cat from Hell. He also earns significant sums from his private consultancy and YouTube channel, Jackson Galaxy. In addition, Galaxy has garnered good money from the sales of his books which often emerge best-sellers.

Who Is Jackson Galaxy’s Wife or Is He Gay?

Galaxy Jackson
Galaxy Jackson and wife Minoo Rahbar image source

Galaxy Jackson’s wife is Minoo Rahbar, an avid animal lover and cat rescuer. He met Minoo at a kitten rescue fundraiser after which they became friends. They subsequently married on the 29th day of June 2014. Their wedding took place at the Best Friends Animal Society located in Kanab, Utah. The ceremony was held in the no-kill pet sanctuary, with the couple’s dog, Mooshka bearing the nuptial rings.

Meanwhile, Galaxy’s gay rumors emanated from the widely-held belief that cats are feminine pets. This makes any man that keeps cats to be viewed as gay. Well, cats brought Jackson freedom, breakthrough and success both in his personal life and career, and that simply explains why he loves them. Moreover, the fact that Galaxy is a married man cancels out all of the gay rumors about him. Despite not being gay, however, Jackson supports gay rights and sexual freedom.

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