Jaclyn Glenn Biography – Age, Height & Ex-Boyfriend

American Youtuber, Jaclyn Glenn, rose to prominence through her self-titled YouTube channel Jaclyn Glenn. She has remained an acclaimed atheist and continues to air her views on hot issues from politics, religion, animal rights, to atheism. During the heated 2016 US Presidential elections, Glenn featured in Hump Trump: Official Donald Trump Song. Her parallel acting career has seen her feature on popular TV shows like Alex and the Single Girls (2017), That (2017), and The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Through her controversial stint and her juicy content on YouTube, Glenn has built a large following. A quick search of “Jaclyn Glenn” on YouTube will convince you…but just before you do that, let’s take a peek into the life of this amazing YouTuber.

Jaclyn Glenn’s Age and Biography

Jaclyn Noel Glenn (a.k.a Jaclyn Glenn) was born in Tampa, Florida on March 25, 1988, to gospel singer, Stephen Hornbeak and Alida Bostick Glenn. She and her sister were raised in Palmetto. Glenn attended the University of South Florida where she majored in Biomedical Sciences. She later attended medical school after which she took up a role as a primary healthcare physician. However, her phenomenal success on YouTube informed her big jump from medicine to media.

When she’s not ‘YouTubing’, Glenn acts and writes. In case you were wondering what she writes, Glenn was the wordy brain behind the Official Donald Trump campaign song, Hump Trump. She is also famous for other works in Alex and the Single Girls (2017) and That (2017).

Relationship & Ex-Boyfriend 

Jaclyn Glenn.
Jaclyn Glenn and Ex-Boyfriend; Richie Giese

Jaclyn Glenn’s relationship has been a complex maze of dating and breakups. In 2010, she met and dated Dave Days. But the couple had a split. In February of 2015, she began dating YouTuber, Toby Turner. But the relationship ended only a year later. In a 2016 YouTube video, Glenn accused Toby Turner of pressuring her to “do things” she felt uncomfortable doing.

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In the same year, she began a relationship with Electronic dance-pop singer Richie Giese. The couple was shown exchanging wedding vows in a video posted in November of 2016. Several fans, however, doubted the legality of the marriage ceremony. In response, Giese called Jaclyn his wife, affirming that theirs was a commitment ceremony. He also admitted that their marriage was not legally recognized. However, Jaclyn and Giese divorced only a year later. She alleged that Giese had cheated on her.

Sources believe that Glenn was once married to a high school teacher between 2010 and 2013. But she hasn’t revealed his identity. According to Jaclyn, they both went their separate ways because he cheated on her and wasn’t supportive of her atheistic message on YouTube. Following her fallout with Giese, Glenn met and fell in love with David Michael Frank, a singer, producer, and writer. The couple has been together ever since.

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Other Key Facts

Religion and Atheism 

Glenn’s stance on atheism has made her both controversial and popular. Even though she was born and raised as a Catholic, her convictions later took a different turn leading to her defection to atheism. At the start of her YouTube channel, Glenn consistently spoke about her atheist views and challenged religious dogma. Soon, she became the face and voice of atheism on Youtube, garnering the attention of fellow atheists and critics alike. But Glenn doesn’t care so much about criticism, her firm stance proves just that.

Currently, Glen is a renowned figure in and outside the US. Her stance has made her one of the front line female leaders of the atheistic community in and around America. Ironically, she is also known for her pretty harsh stance against feminism. Jaclyn believes men and women are not the same and should not be treated as such.

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Away from social media, Glenn is a celebrated model. In 2015, she was featured in a photo-shoot on Playboy magazine. She is also a makeup artist and a singer. Multi-talented? Right! Glenn has covered hit songs by top artists like Taylor Swift.

Jaclyn Glenn’s Net Worth

Much of Jaclyn Glenn’s net worth comes from her YouTube career. According to sources, her estimated revenue from YouTube ranges between $5,100 and $81,000. She also gets handsome paychecks for her appearances on the TV series and shows like Alex and the Single Girls (2017) and That (2017). As of 2019, Glenn’s YouTube following stood at 755,664 subscribers.

Height and Body Stats

The soaring YouTuber stands at 5 feet 9½ Inches (1.77 meters) tall. She has dark brown eyes and wears dark brown hair.

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