Jaclyn Smith – Spouse, Net Worth and Her Recent Whereabouts

Most popular for her role in Charlie’s Angels, American actress and entrepreneur, Jaclyn Smith has been in the film acting scene for over five decades now. If you were old enough to have watched the ABC television series that lasted from 1976 to 1981, you must have noticed that Jaclyn, who played the role of Kelly Garret, was the only ‘Angel’ that stayed on throughout the five seasons of the show.

Jaclyn Smith’s Age and Bio

Jaclyn Smith is one of those celebrities who guessing their age has turned to be a hard nut to crack, as no one would ever guess that show came into this world over 7 decades ago; precisely on the 26th of October, 1945. Her birth name is Jacquelyn Ellen Smith and she was born to Margaret Ellen (née Hartsfield) and Jack Smith in Houston, Texas. She is of Russian Jewish descent from her father’s side, and of English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh descent from her mother.

Smith’s acting career started with her featuring in TV and print commercials. After graduating with a degree in Drama from Trinity University in San Antonio, she moved to New York and ventured into modeling/acting and soon landed her first ad modeling job in 1969. That same year, she got her first acting role in Goodbye, Columbus. She later modeled in various other adverts for products like Listerine mouthwash, Breck Shampoo, and Wella Balsam shampoo, among others. In the following years, she also took up roles in movies like The Adventurers (1970), Probe (1972), Bootleggers (1974) and so on.

In 1976, Jaclyn Smith landed her first major role in the TV series, Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981). She starred as Kelly Garrett, alongside Cheryl Ladd and Farrah Fawcett as well as John Forsythe who played Charlie. The show was a huge success and automatically shot Smith to the limelight, earning her much of the fame and status she lives with till today.

Jaclyn Smith’s Spouse, Daughter, and Family

Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith with husband Brad Allen and daughter Spencer Richmond  image source

A controversial aspect of Jaclyn Smith is her marital life. The actress has been married a total of four times. While a lot of people dread the thought of divorce, it seems to be no big deal for Smith who steps in and out of it without much ado, because according to reports, she has been the one to have filed for divorce from her three previous husbands. Below is a concise breakdown of her marital history:

  • Roger Davis (1968-1975)
  • Dennis Cole (1978-1981)
  • Anthony B. Richmond (1981-1989)
  • Brad Allen (1997-present)

Smith’s first marriage was to Roger Davis in 1968. The union produced no kids and lasted for only two years, although it officially ended in 1975. Next up was a 3-year-long union with actor Joe Cole. The couple also did not have kids of their own. Her third marriage to cinematographer and movie director Anthony B. Richmond, however, produced a son and a daughter – Gaston (born 1982) and Spencer (born 1985). When things ended between the pair, Smith reportedly paid him $4 million for sole custody of the children.

Almost a decade after her third marriage, Jaclyn Smith wedded her current partner, cardiothoracic surgeon Brad Allen in 1997. They have been together for over two decades and are still going strong.

Jaclyn Smith’s daughter, Spencer Margaret Richmond is married to Francis Elliott Kranz, an American film, television and Broadway actor popularly known as Fran Kranz. They wedded on the 15th of August, 2015 and have a daughter named Bea together.

Net Worth

Jaclyn Smith’s net worth currently stands at a whopping $90 million. Her wealth has largely been created from her acting career which is rated as one of the most successful in the world. Until 2015, the actress had continued to make appearances in movies and series, earning big from her roles. After that time, however, her acting work slowed down as she began to concentrate on other endeavors.

Smith ventured into business in 1985 when she started her own women’s clothing line at Kmart. She was in fact, one of the initiators of brands ownership by celebrities as against what has been obtainable – endorsing other people’s brands only. She subsequently extended her business with Kmart to accommodate home furnishings and accessories.

In 2008, the ageless actress also introduced the Jaclyn Smith Wig Collection in collaboration with celebrity hairstylist Jose Eber. In addition, she launched an infant clothing line, Spencer by Jaclyn Smith in collaboration with her daughter in August 2017. She further has lucrative contracts with Max Factor and also has about $5 million tied up in landed property in Hollywood, and antiques.

Where Is She Now?

Jaclyn Smith currently resides in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, United States. She still lives in the magnificent LA home she acquired many years ago – together with her husband. Since she does not do much of acting at the moment, she occupies herself with her various business ventures and also spends a lot of her free time with her daughter and granddaughter.

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