Jacob Mudenda: Debate On Mugabe’s Successor Is A Sign Of Indiscipline

The speaker of Zimbabwe’s National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda has allegedly discouraged debates on the “potential” successor of President Mugabe.

NewsDay reported that Speaker Mudenda said this during South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) party’s 105th anniversary celebrations which took place in Soweto.

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According to Mudenda, debating on who will succeed long-time President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a sign of a “lack of discipline and unbridled ambition,” adding that “no new sun rises before the old one sets.”

He also criticized some ZANU-PF members stating that the party members were not supposed to make a show of their ambitions to unseat the nonagenarian president.

President Mugabe is one of the longest serving rulers in Africa. He has ruled Zimbabwe since her independence from Britain in 1980. Although the increasingly frail-looking President turns 93 on February 21, he still remains a prime candidate for the 2018 Zimbabwe elections.

“It is a complex one, but my belief is that no new sun rises before the old one sets. There must be an element of discipline within the party so that the system itself produces a leader, who should succeed the leadership. It [succession] must be looked in a holistic manner,” Mudenda was quoted as saying.

“We must also avoid political ambitions where we allow the system to dictate who should succeed [Mugabe].”

Mudenda’s comments came on the heels of a social media fiasco which saw Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa criticized for posting a picture which had the inscription “I’m the boss” on it. This prompted many to link it to the rumor that he is fostering an ambition to succeed Mugabe, one that he has denied.

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The ZANU-PF factions are allegedly two different groups with two different candidates to succeed  President Mugabe. The Lacoste faction, which is also being supported by Mugabe’s former allies, the Zimbabwe War Veterans, support an Emmerson Mnangagwa Presidency while the G-40 allegedly seem to be pushing for his wife, Grace to succeed him.