Jacqueline Ray – Biography, Facts About Tom Selleck’s First Wife

Jacqueline Ray is a popular name from way back in the ’80s especially known for being a fashionable addition to the entertainment world of that time. She was first a model who had worked a good number of brands but eventually made a switch to being an actress. She was prominent among movie lovers in the 80’s who could not get enough of her young beauty and prowess. She gained much recognition and awards for her prowess in both the acting and modeling worlds but it is safe to say that the world knew her better as an actress because it was in Hollywood she gained a good bulk of the fame she enjoys today.

Beyond her work, however, Jacqueline is well known for having enjoyed eleven remarkable years in marital union with popular actor and producer, Tom Selleck. Though he wasn’t a popular name in the entertainment world at the time of their union, he has since achieved major fame as one of the icons of Hollywood.

Jacqueline Ray’s Biography

Jacqueline was born to parents who gave her the full name Jacqueline Mart Ray at birth on the 17th day of July 1952 in Burbank, California where she was equally raised. The specific details of her birth are not known because Jacqueline is notable for being close-mouthed especially about her personal life and upbringing. Moreso, details about her educational background, the names of her parents and siblings have remained a mystery to the media and to her fans in general.

The bulk of information available about the actress began from when the media took note of her as a rising actress. Jacqueline got her first hit in acting in the ’60s when she starred in the 1967 movie In the Flint. Just as one step could open a million doors, her work in the movie soon had other opportunities coming her way. In 1980, she starred in The Killings at Outpost Zeta which was quickly followed by her next role in Beyond the Universe (1981). With these two movies, Jacqueline made an indelible impression in the hearts of movie lovers and improved her status in Hollywood. Suffice it to say that her performance caught both the eyes of the producers and those of the targeted audience.

Jacqueline went ahead to feature in the American Crime Drama television series Magnum P.I. Through the 80’s down to the 2000s, she maintained her status with appearances in series like the American Teen sitcom Unfabulous and its spinoff Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever (2007).

Facts about Jacqueline Tom Selleck’s First Wife

Jacqueline Ray’s Personal Life

As much as she tried to make herself a formidable actor and face to reckon with in the entertainment industry, Jacqueline also successfully had things working in her personal life. Her first marital experience was with a certain Shepard but that did not last and the ended after just one child; Kevin Shepard who they had in 1966.

Five years later in 1971, Jacqueline was ready to give marriage a second try and so she tied the knot with popular actor Tom Selleck who she had met and fallen in love with on the set of Magnum PI. The union between the two wasn’t as popular as other celebrity marriages because, at the point of their union, they were not popular faces in the entertainment world. Tom Selleck was still trying to get his footing.

Jacqueline Ray
Jacqueline Ray and Tom Selleck

Theirs was the longest of Jacqueline Ray’s three marital attempts. They got married on the 15th of May, 1971 and spent 11 years together until their divorce in August 1982. Speaking about the cause for the divorce, it was reported that Jacqueline couldn’t handle the attention Tom was getting from his female fans after his role as Thomas in Magnum, P.I. shot him to immense fame.

After their marriage in 1971, Selleck adopted Jacqueline’s son and had his last name changed to Selleck. With Tom Selleck being an actor and producer and Jacqueline an actor and one-time model, it was easy for Kevin Selleck to find his way and footing in both worlds. He was notably recognized as a part of the cast in the 1997 American slasher film, Scream.

On her third go, the actress found love in the arms of Clarence Barry Witmer who she married. But being that she has learned from her past mistakes of having the media know all about your personal affairs, she has kept all details about the said union to herself.


Besides Kevin, Jacqueline also has a daughter named Umeko, but this was largely unknown to the media until the events that unfolded in 2014 to the shock of many. As the story goes, Umeko was married to a certain Leon who abused her constantly to the dismay of her mother who took the pains of often nursing her daughter back to good health after such incidences.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, the actress took the bold decision of hiring someone to kill Leon for what he had done to Umeko. She paid the man named Luis Barker the sum of $12,000 to torture and kill Leon, which he did. Unfortunately, investigations into his death pointed right back Jacqueline who confessed her guilt in court and was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Jacqueline Ray’s Net Worth

Having had a robust career as a model and an actress, Jacqueline has kept a low status in this present generation as she has not featured in any movie recently. As she is said to have gained much popularity in the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s, her net worth has been pegged at 5 million dollars.

Height and Weight

Jacqueline Ray is said to be one of the prettiest ladies in her days. This is evident by the fact that she was a successful model back then. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall with her weight undisclosed.


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