Jade Logue – Biography, Facts About Donal Logue’s Daughter

Like most members of the LGBTQ community, Jade Logue’s journey to self-discovery wasn’t an easy one. Convinced of her feminity, Jade took bold steps and further made headlines in 2017 after she went missing and a search campaign was launched by her parents to ensure a safe return. Find out detailed facts about the transgender who is best recognized as actor Donal Logue’s daughter.

Jade Logue’s Biography

Originally named Arlo Logue, Jade is a New York native born on March 25, 2001. She and older brother Finn were raised in a decent household led by parents Donal Logue and Kasey Walker-Smith. Though born male, Jade mostly grew up aware of her feminity. Luckily, she has a supportive and loving family who do not discriminate against her decision to transition from male to female. There is little or no information about Jade’s academic endeavors, but it is known that she was often bullied in school, and was afraid to live out her truth while growing up.

After struggling to come to terms with her true self for many years, Arlo eventually took bold steps in her teenage days. It was during this time that she officially changed her name to Jade and openly came out as a transgender. Thankfully, her fears were further allayed following the overwhelming public support mostly from the LGBTQ community.

As expected, Jade Logue’s journey to self-discovery required more than just words. She began working on her physique in order to look more feminine. In addition to dressing girly and growing her hair, Jade also began hormone replacement therapy. Her treatments have undoubtedly paid off as Jade is currently living as a female with little or no resemblance to her former masculine personality. For now, it is uncertain what Logue’s educational or career endeavors are but she is presumed to be living her best life yet.

Facts About Donal Logue’s Daughter


As earlier mentioned, Arlo is not the only product of her mother’s womb. She is the younger of two boys born to actors Donal Logue and Kasey Walker (Smith). There are conflicting reports as to the true nature of her parents’ relationship. While some unconfirmed sources claim that the pair were never really married, it is no secret that Logue and Walker are no longer together as partners.

Jade Logue and parents
Jade Logue and parents
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There is a scarcity of information about Jade Logue’s mother’s acting career as she is not as famous as her husband. Mostly minor roles on the small screen, some of Kasey Walker’s acting credits include Blue Bloods, The Good Fight, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, among others. The biggest star in Jade’s family yet is her dad Donal Logue of the Gotham series fame. A Canadian-American-Irish Havard graduate, Donal made his acting debut in 1992 and has since accumulated an exhaustive list of acting credits. Notably, the award-winning actor has featured in some hit films and TV series such as The Tao of Steve, Grounded for Life, Sons of Anarchy, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ghost Rider, Just Like Heaven, Terriers, and Vikings.

2017 Missing Incident

Jade Logue was undoubtedly thrown to the limelight shortly after her sixteenth birthday. One day in the summer of 2017, Jade made headlines when her parents raised alarm on social media that she was missing. According to the actors, they became apprehensive after Jade did not return home from a play date with a friend and they were unable to reach her. With no idea as to her whereabouts, Jade Logue’s parents called on the FBI, police, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and the general public to help ensure that their precious daughter returned home safely.

Jade’s case was quite peculiar because her family and authorities were unsure if it was that of a missing person or someone who had just snuck off from home. But being the daughter of a public figure, it was no surprise that Donal’s colleagues and other celebrities also joined efforts in search of the missing teenager.

It was during the widespread search that it became obvious to many that Jade Logue had a supportive family. Spearheading the struggle for her return was Kasey Smith who was willing to do whatever was needed to ensure Jade returned safely. She used social media and other platforms to stress that her daughter’s gender and sexual orientation does not matter. Describing Jade as one of the most loving and sweet souls ever, Kasey stated that she respected Jade’s decisions and encouraged her precious daughter to come right home. Thankfully, two weeks into the search, Jade Logue was found in North Carolina and returned safely to her family. Actor Donal later publicly appreciated everyone’s efforts although there was no further disclosure as to the circumstances regarding the rescue operation.

Social Media

Jade Logue has an active social media life. She is present on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In April 2016 and at age 15, Logue publicly joked about her transgender life. In a viral tweet, she hailed herself for readily anticipating the discrimination and assaults that awaits her as a trans.

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