Everything You Didn’t Know About Jade Tailor’s Ancestry, Rise to Fame and Dating History

Beneath all the glitz and glamour, Hollywood is an industry that requires grit and determination to succeed, and one person that has proven she has what it takes to go the long haul is Jade Tailor. An actress and singer of Israeli-American origins, Tailor caught the acting bug from her mother and decided to pursue a career in that field. She however didn’t have it easy as she endured many disappointing auditions along the way.

Rather than give up, Tailor imbibed a philosophical attitude and saw the rejections as the directors’ subjective opinion that shouldn’t warrant questioning her talent. Such a mindset helped her persevere and she has gone on to feature in several movies and TV series including 48 Hours to Live, Cam2Cam, Losing Control, True Blood, and Juke Box Hero. She is also one of the stars on the hit Syfy TV series, The Magicians. The show is based on a novel of the same name written by Lev Grossman and debuted in 2015.

Jade Tailor’s Father Was Born in Israel and Served the Country’s Special Defence Forces

Jade Tailor may be American by nationality but she has a mixed ancestry made up of half-American and half-Israeli heritage. The actress’ father, Josef P. Kravich, was born in Israel and once served in the Israeli Special Defence Forces.

He later became a businessman upon leaving the army. Jade and her father are quite close and she is proud of his military heritage.

On the 20th of June 2016, the actress used her Instagram and Twitter accounts to honor her dad. She shared a picture of her father in his heydays, showing that he literally served as the poster boy for the Israeli army.

Her Mother Is of Mixed European and Native American Descent

Jade’s mother Sally Pansing has a mixture of caucasian and native American blood flowing in her veins. She formerly made her living as an actress; this was in the 1970s and before she became a holistic nutritionist.

Following her separation from Jade’s dad, Sally remarried Tom Malone, an American musician who has played the trombone for several bands including the Blues Brothers as well as the house band for Saturday Night Live and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Another beloved family member of Jade’s is her older brother, Shawn Kravich. Shawn studied International Relations at the University of Southern California before obtaining his JD from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law in 2009. He was enrolled in the California State Bar in 2010 and now serves as Executive Director of the Snap Foundation. This is a non-profit organization set up by the founders of Snapchat to support arts and education, especially for underrepresented youths.

The Actress Was Inspired to Become an Entertainer By Her Mother

Right from an early age, Jade Tailor decided that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a performer. She, therefore, took up gymnastics at the age of three and a year later, added ballet to her repertoire.

By the age of eight, Jade was taking singing lessons and before long, naturally dabbled into the community theatre sphere. Jade Tailor debuted as an actress in 2001 when she was featured in Norman Thaddeus Vane’s short film, You’re So Dead.

She followed it up the same year by making appearances in several other short films and television series including A Perfect Day, Rex Buster, Crimson, and The Gateway. In 2002, Tailor appeared in films such as The Chronicles of Curtis Tucker: Letting Go, Drake Reel, and The Chronicles of Curtis Tucker: There Was a Girl. She however attained a new career height by starring alongside Adivi Sesh and Sher Ali as Padma in the 2011 mystery drama film, Karma.

Jade Tailor Got Her Breakthrough in an Indian Movie

Karma is one of the most unique projects that Jade Tailor has ever done and the reason for this is its language. The film is not an English-language film but rather utilized the Indian language, Telugu. This fact was not enough to deter Jade as she threw her hat into the ring after being enamored by the film’s synopsis as outlined in the audition notice. Fortunately for her, the directors were able to overlook the fact that she couldn’t speak the required language and focus on her talent.

She, therefore, landed the role of the lead female character, Padma, and went on to portray the same alongside co-star, Adivi Sesh. Tailor relied on the support of language tutors to be able to learn Telugu and she nailed her performance with so much excellence that no one would believe she was not a native. The critics, therefore, praised her for doing her best to fit into a movie based on Indian mythology.

It has been about a decade since Karma and in that time, Jade Tailor has gone on to feature in about thirty films and TV shows combined, including 48 Hours to Live, Murder in the First, Aquarius, Raymond & Land, Juke Box Hero, Higher Power, and Heaven’s Renegade Angel. The work that has brought her the most fame however remains the hit Syfy series, The Magicians.

Jade Tailor
Tailor and Adivi Sesh in the theatrical release poster for Karma

Her Famous Character in The Magicians Was Not in the Original Book

The Magicians is a fantasy series about Quentin Coldwater, a young boy who is lost and doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. He then stumbles upon an academy for aspiring sorcerers only to discover that the magical world from his favorite children’s book is quite real and features good witches, evil warlocks, and miserable mind readers.

The Magicians debuted in 2015 and features an ensemble cast comprising of the likes of Arjun Gupta, Stella Maeve, and Jason Ralph. In the series, Jade portrays the role of Kady Orloff-Diaz, a beautiful, no-nonsense, and emotionally-complex witch, who has gone through a lot in life but has persevered through her demons.
Jade’s character was not originally in the sourcebook and was meant to be killed off after one appearance in the pilot.

Jade Tailor
Jade Tailor and Rick Worthy in The Magicians: Image Source

The California native however delivered the character with so much heart and zeal that the showrunners decided to elongate her time on the show. Jade would end up becoming a regular character on the show, throughout seasons two to seasons five, and won over audiences with her acting talents.

She further cemented her status as one of the breakout stars of the show by utilizing her four-octave range voice to contribute to most of the musical numbers featured on the show. All these helped to make her a well-known face in America. It also contributed to the show’s success which saw it receive four consecutive nominations for best fantasy television series at the Saturn Awards (2016 – 2019).

She Has Kept a Tight Lid on Her Love Life Thus Far

Jade Tailor has kept her personal life private and out of the spotlight. She has not given clarification regarding her love life. There is also no record of the actress ever being engaged, married, or divorced.

It seems that she is focused on honing her skills to make her dreams come true rather than being in a relationship. As such, she is single to the best of our knowledge.

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