Jaime Murray: 7 Interesting Things About the English Actress

This English beauty has stolen her way into the hearts of audiences everywhere. Jaime Murray has starred in a number of productions such as Spartacus: God’s of the Arena and Devil’s Playground. Her charming personality shines through in her acting and as such, she has done quite well for herself. Altogether, there is so much more to her than her movies. As such, here are some interesting things to know about the actress.

Jaime Murray’s Age and Background Details

She was born on 21st of July 1976 in London, England to Elaine and Bill Murray. Her father happens to be an English actor, so it is evident that talent runs in the family. There is not a whole lot of information out there about her childhood and upbringing. Nevertheless, it is known that she was diagnosed with dyslexia right before she wrote her A level exams.

Despite that, she went on to try her hands at a degree in Philosophy and Psychology at the London School of Economics. But she ended up dropping out to train at the Drama Center in London. It was from there that she graduated in the year 2000. From that point, her rise to stardom began.

7 Interesting Things To Know About Jaime Murray

Her First Acting Job Involved Miming

After she dropped out of University to study acting, the pressure was definitely on for her. So, the first job she got after that involved miming. It was not on television or on the big screen, but rather on stage. The job itself involved her miming to the lyrics of I’m Alive, by Stretch & Verne. It was her first job and she got her hands on it back in 1996.

She Dabbled in a bit of Modelling

Back in London, Jaime Murray tried her hand at a bit of modeling. Then, she was signed to an agency known as Model 1 Agency in London. One of the best jobs that she did involved modeling for Debenhams in their television adverts. She also appeared in a range of magazine ads for brands like Cosmopolitan, Mayfair, FHM, and Hello!

Her Father Is also a Well-known Actor

Based on this, there is no doubt that acting talent runs in the family. He may be more popular among British audiences but Jaime Murray’s father, Bill Murray has made quite a name for himself. The actor is best known for playing the role of Johnny Allen in Eastenders. He even went on to win a British Soap Award for Best Villain in 2006 based on that role.

She Was Named After a Character From The Bionic Woman

People get inspiration for baby names from all sorts of sources. In this case, she was named after Jaime Sommers from the TV series The Bionic Woman. A fun fact is that the character was actually meant to be named Jamie. But, thanks to a huge spelling debacle during production, they had to stick to Jaime. Who knows, the actress would have been known as Jamie Murray today if not for a typo.

Jaime Murray Is Great Friends with Julie Benz

Julie Benz & Jaime Murray at the Royal Palace Monaco: Image Source

Both on and off the screen, she has a great relationship with fellow actress, Julie Benz. The two have worked together on the show, Dexter. They also appeared together in the show Defiance. This has gone a long way to solidify their off-screen friendship.

She Is Off the Market

Jaime Murray is married to Bernice Cahill. He happens to be an entertainment and brand manager. So, the two are involved in showbiz. They were in a relationship for 4 years before they got engaged. Then about 5 months later, they officially tied the knot.

She Has Appeared in a Music Video

It would appear that Jaime Murray has done it all. In addition to modeling, film, and TV, the actress has also appeared in a music video. This happened back in 2012, and it was a music video for Zac Brown band’s single, Goodbye in Her Eyes. This was a wonderful avenue for her to spread her wings and lend her incredible talents to other areas in show business. All in all, it is quite evident that she is an incredibly talented lady.

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