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Jaina Lee Ortiz is most popularly known for her role in the Police procedural drama show Rosewood, where she portrayed the character of Detective Annalise. The Puerto Rican, US-based actress was amazing in the show which aired on Fox in 2017. Her prowess in entertainment is not only known in the movie industry but has also been seen in the dancing hall as she is a great dancer with majors in Salsa and mambo. Although she has staked her claim as a professional in both acting and dancing, she takes her dancing skill more serious by teaching Salsa and Mambo.

Biography of Jaina Lee Ortiz

Jaina Lee Ortiz was born in Fort Ord, California on the 20th of November, 1986. Her father, Joe Ortiz was a police officer while her mother, Daisey Sara Acevedo, has her profession still undisclosed. Jaina moved with her family to New York where she spent most of her childhood days.

As early as the age of 9, her parents got her enrolled in salsa dance classes where she learned a very fast pace. By age 15, Jaina had become so good at dancing and had taken up the brave act of teaching others. This gave her an even bigger exposure as she began to travel within and outside the shores of the United States, to teach Salsa dance and to also entertain audiences of all ages.

While it seemed like dance took up all of her childhood energy Jaina Lee Ortiz made sure to spare time for her studies too. She was a student of Herbert H. Lehman College in New York after which she pushed further and attended the City University of New York. while at the university, she made appearances in a good number of student films and used that means to sharpen her skills in acting. Furthermore, Lee Ortiz studied the Meissner technique at Maggie Flanigan Studio. She took that step basically to grow her skills in acting.


Jacqueline Lee Ortiz’ first on-screen appearance as an actress was in 2009. It wasn’t quite a rough start as she was fortunate to be picked in the cast for the reality show Scream Queens. The show was basically created to nurture upcoming talents, and out of the 9 up and coming talents selected, Jaina Lee Ortiz came second.

Keeping up the faith, The budding actress got the role of Marley Munoz in an American science fiction drama The After in 2013. Her excellent portrayal of her given character saw her Starr in the TV series Rosewood in 2015. Her excellent execution of Detective Annalise in Rosewood finally sealed her status as an actress and announced her talent to directors and moviegoers alike.

Since then, she has had the best time on Tv starring shows such as Shooter in 2017 and also Girls Trip in 2017. In the same year, she landed the role of a lead character in the TV series Station 19. She has been recognized in other works such as Sad Spanish Song, Misfires and lots more.

Her recognition as both an actress and a dancer of repute over the years equally landed her the rare opportunity of being chosen as an ambassador for certain distinguished brands such as Key Jewellers’, McDonalds, Gold Warriors in Pink and lots more.

Jaina Lee Ortiz’ Family and Husband

As mentioned earlier, Jaina is the only child of her parents who took the job of raising her n the right way very seriously. As the only child, she had the benefit of enjoying the love that comes from both parents. Though she has no siblings, her she did not feel alone as her parents did their best to keep her occupied with vocational training.

Jaina Lee OrtizThe sensational actress is happily married to a man named Brad Marques. Their union was witnessed by both families and friends in a closed wedding ceremony which took place in 2010. Theirs is a blissful union devoid of the many controversies and scandals often associated with the marital lives of celebrities. Marquez is a TV scriptwriter who from all indications, is doing very well for himself.

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Facts about the Actress

Jaina Lee Ortiz’s Net Worth

The remarkable actress and dancer has done really well for herself in the entertainment world as she has over the years accumulated a reasonable level of net worth. From her numerous engagements as a dancer, a teacher, and an actress she is estimated to be worth around $3 million. Considering how hard she has worked since her childhood to get to where she is, her net worth is no surprise at all.

Height and Weight

Jaina Lee Ortiz is pretty and looks physically fit as she exercises her body through dancing. She stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches, with a weight of 53kg which is quite remarkable for a dancer of her caliber.


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