Jake Amo

This is one of those times that you come across a picture that leaves you lost in your gaze. Those kind of pictures that a million words may never be able to describe. Absolutely priceless.

Africans on the internet are sharing and liking the picture of a charming young African child. The boy was captured while seriously and supposedly writing on a paper.

The picture comes with a variety of attributes and undertone. It definitely caused many to smile and laugh. But while at it, it says a host of other things, like the undying longing for education for an underprivileged African child; the hardworking spirit that yearns for greatness; the potential hands that indeed wants to get things done.

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A number of internet users have made hilarious attempts to suggest a range of awkward situations that this fellow’s image may be expressing.


We can only guess but one may never know what was going on in the mind of this latest African online sensation.

It is not clear who or where this young chap is from but a report from Times Live has identified him as Jake Amo from Asempanaye, Ghana. Another report identified him as Brandon Banda.

According to the report Jake Amo “was part of the Homeland Series outreach programme by US-based artist Solomon Adufah, which later inspired a series of paintings.”

Solomon Adufua, via Instagram, said:

“Jake was one of the children I taught in Ghana. He was always gentle and quiet. Ever present in class and was eager to learn every day.

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It appears the 4-year old young boy was giving a shot to drawing in the art class.

While Jake Amo’s innocent expressions have served as a priceless comic relief, it has left some celebrities like S.A’s actress, Boity Thulo and UK’s DJ Fresh inspired to support his education.

Adufuah said:

“I wish the positive aspect of this image will go viral instead of how it’s being portrayed as. I understand it’s something I can’t control. I can only continue to positively impact the lives of people with my talent and purpose.”

On that note, sources say that a crowdfunding initiative for Jake’s education which was launched this week has already generated more than R12,000 in less than 24 hours. The target of the initiative is to hit R2.7 million.

For caution, South African artiste, Thiwe has advised donors to be certain that scammers are not taking advantage of Jake’s viral picture.