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One interesting Social Media personality of the 21st century is the young and popular Jake Paul whose elder brother is the famed Vine star, Logan Paul. Jake has utilized the power of the internet to bring himself to the limelight with a channel that has amassed up 5.2 billion views for his contents and about 17.5 million persons have subscribed to his channel- JakePaulProductions.

His older brother Logan introduced him to uploading videos on the internet, and by just following his older brother’s footstep he has earned millions of viewers and subscribers for his contents.

Who is Jake Paul? (How Old is He?)

Jake Paul is an American actor, rapper and internet personality born on 17th January 1997 in Ohio, the United States as Jake Joseph Paul. His parents are Pamela Ann Stepnick better known as nee Meredith and his father Gregory Allan Paul is a realtor. His only sibling Logan Alexander Paul popularly called Logan Paul is also an internet personality who first became popular on Vine. Logan claims that Jake’s ethnicity identifies as English, Jewish, Australian, Hungarian, and German thus, he has a multiracial heritage.

Jake Paul started his career in the year 2013 when the then popular video uploading app named ‘Vine’ was still active. He gained millions of viewers and subscribers before the application was shut down. This led Jake to switch his uploads to Youtube where he gained his popularity as a famous Youtuber. He kept making waves with his uploads and attracted the attention of the Disney Channel which invited him to perform the role of Dirk in Bizaardvark.

By 2017, he created Team 10 in an attempt to raise marketing management for influencing youth entertainment, and it attracted some investors who invested in the endeavor making it more successful. Later that same year, he released a music video titled It’s everyday Bro in collaboration with Team 10. The video got about 70 million views at the time but was rated the third most disliked video on YouTube within a month of its upload, which was a beautiful coincidence for Jake Paul.


Being a star, Jake Paul has not evaded controversies, in fact, he has been well embroiled in them. Here are some interesting ones that have trailed the young YouTube celebrity iso far.

The Nuisance Indictment – At his home in Beverly Grove, Paul’s neighbors filed a petition against him for causing nuisance and disturbing their peace. However, the lawsuit was taken up by the company that owned the property Paul lived in and he was charged a fine of $2.5 million.

Next, Jake Paul parted ways with Disney Channel which according to the announcement read by the Channel, was a mutual agreement between the parties involved. This was contradicted by Jake Paul who said he was actually fired from Bizaardvark by Disney who wanted a fast process and gradually stopped the show due to the KTLA segment.

Following hot on the heels of the Disney controversy Jake Paul uploaded a video he titled ‘I lost my virginity’ to his YouTube channel, sparking outrage among his many subscribers especially the younger ones. The video featured him and his Ex-girlfriend Erika Costell both scantily clad and later fully clothed. What baffled his subscribers the most where his choice of words in the video which was highly inappropriate.

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What is His Net Worth?

Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be well within $8 million, a sum he probably made from his well-subscribed channels, his contents, acting skills, and music production. This is quite a tangible sum to have racked up presenting. In property, he owns a house in Calabasas, California where he currently resides and has won about 3 awards such as the Radio Disney Music Award (2017), and Teen Choice Awards (2017) as Choice Youtuber and Choice Music Web Star.

Who is The Girlfriend?

Jake Paul
Jake Paul and Ex Erika Costell

The 6 foot (1.83 m) tall YouTube celebrity was in a long relationship with fellow Youtuber Erika Costell who has over 4.3 million subscribers hooked on her channel. At the time, she was also the secretary of the team 10 which Jake Paul founded. He and Erika started dating in July 2017 but sadly broke after a dramatic display in November 2018. According to Costell, Paul brought home other girls for the night and in reaction, she also brought back her male admirers and friends which irked Jake Paul they had a display that saw their relationship finally hit the rocks.

However, Erika Costell is not the only woman Jake Paul has ever been romantically linked with; he had a thing for Kellie Stewarts (2014), Alissa Violent (June 2016 to February 2017), Tessa Brooks (February 2017)

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