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Jalen Ramsey is an American football player who plays the cornerback position for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. In his short period in the league, the six feet one-inch tall Tennessee native has established himself as one of the best players in his position. From Pro Bowl nominations to record-setting performances, Jalen has shown he is no bum.

However, off the field, Jalen Ramsey has been the subject of a few controversies. His personal life, specifically his relationship with Breanna Tate, longterm girlfriend and sister of fellow NFL player, Golden Tate, has sparked conversations on social media and gossip blogs. Here is a look at one of the bizarre stories of Jalen Ramsey’s life.

A Brief Walk Into the Life of Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey was born Jalen Lattrel Ramsey, the second of two boys to Margie and Lamont Ramsey, on the 24th of October, 1994, in Smyrna, Tennessee. He attended Ensworth High School in Nashville, Tennessee, for one year before transferring to Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee, where he completed his high school education. During this time, Ramsey played and excelled in both football and track & field, which made him a hot target for colleges.

Ramsey’s Sports Career in College

Despite initially committing to attend the University of Southern California, Ramsey switched to Florida State University and played for the Seminoles. In his freshman year, Ramsey started all 14 games for his team, being the first person to do so for the school in over 25 years. He went on to help his team win the 2013 Atlantic Coast Conference championship and the BCS National Championship, which put him on the radar of several NFL teams.

As a sophomore, Ramsey again won the ACC championship and on a personal level, continued to shine and increase his productivity; with 80 tackles, three sacks, 12 passes defended, two interceptions, and three forced fumbles. He kept up his performances as a junior while also competing in track and field events; relay sprints, and long jump before choosing to enter the 2016 NFL Draft and forgoing his senior year. He most notably, came third at both the indoor and outdoor 2013 ACC Track & Field Championships in the long jump event.

An Overview of His NFL Career Thus Far

After having attended the NFL combine and completed all combine and positional drills, Jalen Ramsey was the 5th overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was a Jaguars player for three full seasons between 2016 and 2018. During this time, he started all sixteen games, delivering stellar performances.

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen at the Jaguars (image source)

In recognition of his plays, Jalen was named in the First-Team All-Pro in 2017, PFQA All-Rookie Team in 2016, and the Pro Bowl in 2017 and 2018. After his trade to the LA Rams in 2018, he was named in the Pro Bowl in 2019. So far, Jalen has made 243 tackles, recorded ten interceptions, and more than 49 pass deflections.

What Led to Rumours About Him Being Gay?

The NFL is still in search of its first openly gay player. Even though the league has vocalized its support for the LGBTQ community, the league still awaits the first player to take the leap and come out. That means over the years, in the lack of concrete proof, a few speculations have made the news about the sexuality of players with unconventional mannerisms, like Jalen Ramsey.

Jalen Ramsey had to battle gay rumors for a few years. The rumors began after an interview where he mouthed off about now-retired wide receiver, Steve Smith, and their on-field clash. In answering the questions, Ramsey was very articulate and precise. But what caught people’s attention was his non-verbal language. The athlete rolled his eyes, moved his head, shrugged his shoulder, and did all other types of behaviors stereotyped to gay people.

This prompted a wave of speculations on social media that Ramsey was indeed gay with a lot of people leaving homophobic jokes on the athlete’s timeline. Regardless of all the trash talk, Ramsey is yet to come out as a gay man. While people don’t generally come out as a heterosexual, Ramsey’s love life points to the fact he is one.

Jalen Ramsey’s Drama-Filled Relationship with Breanna Tate

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey and Breanna Tate (image source)

Jalen Ramsey and Breanna Tate are presumed to have begun their relationship before his NFL Draft in 2016. The two were in a long-term relationship that seemed for a while, was going somewhere.

While Jalen is the famous one, Breanna keeps a much lower profile, although she also has a background in sports. She is a former track star at the University of Mississippi. Tate also happens to be the sister of the New York Giants wide receiver, Golden Tate.

The two share two children, daughters Breelyn & Brooklyn. Their first daughter, Breelyn, was born in July 2018 to little fanfare. Their second daughter, Brooklyn, however, brought on its drama.

Born in September 2019, the baby’s arrival coincided with their break up. The two reportedly parted ways just before Brooklyn’s birth. The reason? Jalen Ramsey’s affair with Las Vegas dancer, Monica Giavanna.

Cheating on your girlfriend is bad enough. But doing so while she is pregnant and going public with the relationship just after she gives birth is hard to accept. So, it was no surprise when Golden Tate made a public statement about his sister’s domestic crisis.

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How Golden Tate Reacted to the Break-Up

When Jalen Ramsey went public with his relationship with his new girlfriend, lots of observers, especially on social media, pointed out the problematic nature of the decision. One of them tagged Golden in a comment about what his reaction would be if he were in the situation.

In response, Golden Tate, in a tweet, suggested he will be having a ‘conversation’ with Jalen Ramsey about his actions, alluding to a possible violent confrontation. He also mentioned to the New York Post that he did not appreciate how he treated his younger sister. In response, Jalen posted a tweet deriding the public comments about the issue.

The back and forth was the second time Ramsey and Tate would have a go at each other. At the start of the 2018 season, Ramsey made inflammatory comments about his then-teammate, Matthew Stafford, who now plays in Golden Tate’s team. The NY Giants wide receiver leaped to Matthew’s defense, by reminding Ramsey of his team’s loss to them.

Jalen Ramsey’s Relationship With Monica Giavanna

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey and Monica Giavanna (image source)

Other than the dramatic start to their relationship, there is still plenty to learn about Jalen’s relationship with Monica. So far, we know they started as a long-distance fling back when Jalen was a player for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We also know she is a dancer based in Las Vegas.

Following his trade to the Los Angeles Rams, the two are geographically closer. A development that prompted his now-infamous Instagram post.

However, according to a recent report, the couple has also broken up. According to a story by Black Sports Online, Ramsey cheated on Giavanna, and they have called it quits. Both of them have deleted Instagram posts about each other.

Considering Jalen’s tendency to court controversy, chances are there will be plenty to learn about their relationship in the future.

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