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A few decades ago, James’ talent as a makeup artist would not have been well celebrated because of the speculations and beliefs held by many people. However, in this recent generation, occupations are not gender tagged. Anyone can be whatever they want to be, provided that the passion and fuel to drive these talents are provided. James Charles is one of those who broke the myth of females being the only gender that is attracted to the affairs concerning makeup. He has even gone ahead to publicize his talent on YouTube, gathering so many fans and subscribers.

As a result of his many successes, he has spiced up his acts by posing as a model for several makeup companies and is also noted as one of the many brand faces used by most brands.

James Charles’s Biography

The American internet personality may not have driven this far if his parents who named him James Charles Dickson upon his birth on May 23, 1999, didn’t support his dreams. He comes from a family of four, having a younger brother; Ian Jeffrey. James’ dreams of being a makeup artist took a form after his dad converted their basement into a makeup studio just in a bid to support his child. Today, that basement has birthed a lot of achievements including the YouTuber’s channel that has also influenced his fame.

At the age of 17, James earned the honours of being the first male spokesmodel for a cosmetics brand known as CoverGirl. An honour he received on October 11, 2016, while he was still a student at Bethlehem Central High School. This became his big break after so many years of working in his basement. He later worked with Kathy Perry and also represented So Lashy! by BlastPro Mascara.

Within a short period of time, James became one of the most prominent figures in the makeup world and was soon invited to the famous television show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There, he talked more about himself and his role as a CoverGirl ambassador. He later modelled for the Marco Marco’s Six 1/2 collection at the Los Angeles Fashion Week 2017.

James Charles
One of James Charles’ works on Kylie Jenner

For his makeup acts, James has done amazingly well and is said to be better than most females in the game. He recently challenged Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian‘s personal makeup artist to a contest and of course, a lot of his fans are looking forward to seeing the results. One distinct feature about James is his control with different makeup brushes. His artistic thoughts are usually revealed on his face in most of his make up video uploads.

Without wasting much time, James Charles grew tremendously in his career. He created his YouTube channel on December 1, 2015, and ever since he started, he has grown his subscribers to be over 7 million. His Instagram account has over 3.5 million followers and he has more than 5 hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

The makeup artist is quite a talker. He was involved in a controversy sometime in February 2017 after he tweeted an offensive joke about Ebola in Africa. For this, he received a lot of criticisms, however, he later apologized on the platform. While that lingered on, James Charles gathered a few more haters after he negatively criticized the movie, IT (2017).

Net Worth

From all the details of his career life, it is clear that the YouTuber has several sources of income. Apart from being a makeup artist, he also gets a lot more from his modelling deals and internet presence. James Charles is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million.

Brother – Ian Jeffrey

James isn’t the only one making a name for himself in his family. His brother Ian Jeffrey has also done well as an Instagram personality. Ian shares a tight bond with his only brother and has also featured on his YouTube channel as a muse as well as an apprentice. He is a scholar at Bethlehem High School and is also a member of the school’s basketball team.

Is He Gay?

The YouTuber is openly gay. He’s often seen discussing his views about his sexual orientation and has also trodden the path of being an LGBT activist. Nevertheless, James has kept the identity of his heartthrob private.

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