James Comey
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Politics in the history of the United States can’t be discussed without the name James Comey. He was one of the frontiers who got deeply involved with the events that led to Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States of America. He is globally known as the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

However, at the beginning of Trump’s administration, he was laid off on the 9th of May 2017 which practically reduced his ten-year supposed rule as he was fired on the 4th year. He was formerly a member of the Republican party until he recently declared himself as unaffiliated.

James Comey’s Bio

The American attorney was born on the 4th day of the month of Christmas in the year 1960, in Yonkers and was raised there but moved with his family to Allendale, New Jersey in the 1970s.

James was born to mother; Joan Marie Comey and father; J. Brien Comey. His dad made ends meet by working as a corporate real estate agent while his mother supported the family by working as a computer consultant and homemaker. He has two brothers – Peter and Christopher and a sister named Patricia

His grandfather was said to have worked with the Yonkers Police department as an officer and later rose to the post of a commissioner as he was excellent at his job.

James Comey is of an Irish descent and was raised as a Roman Catholic. He started his educational pursuit at the Northern Highlands Regional High school and later went to college at William and Mary in 1982 where he took a keen interest in chemistry and religion. He later acquired a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Chicago law school in 1985

Having been raised as a Catholic, the American attorney later joined the United Methodist Church where he got committed as a devout faithful and was also a Sunday school teacher.


Upon graduation, the attorney started out by working for law firms and worked as a deputy chief of the Southern District of the New York Attorney’s office under Rudolph W. Giuliani sometime in 1987. He partnered with Mcguirewoods law firm in 1993 and also worked as the managing assistant of the United States of America attorney for the eastern district of Virginia.

James Comey had a major breakthrough as he rose in his career. He was made the U.S attorney for the Southern district of the New York in 2002, he worked there for three years and later took up the position of the senior vice president and general counsel at the Lockheed Martin Corp. He also became a counsel for Bridgewater associates.

Former US President Barack Obama saw a zeal for excellence in James Comey and appointed him as a nominee to succeed Robert Muller who was the former FBI director. He was later appointed and he became the 7th Director of the FBI. James worked as an FBI director for four years before he was fired by Donald Trump on 9th of May 2017. Comey currently works as a professor at Howard University Washington Dc.

The attorney has since then taken up the position an executive professor at his alma mater and is also teaching a course on ethical leadership.

Family, Married, Wife and Children

As they say behind every successful man is an encouraging wife, well, Patrice Failor is the encouraging woman behind James Comey. They walked down the aisle sometime in 1987 and has stayed married for over three decades.

James Comey’s Family

James and Patrice met at a college party and ever since their meeting, they haven’t been able to let go of each other. Their tale got more interesting as Patrice nominated him for the position of dorm president while they were both at college.

Their union is blessed with five children – two boys and three girls; Abby, Collin, Claire, Kate, and Maureen. Unfortunately, death snatched Collin away just 9 days after his birth as he suffered from a bacterial group B streptococci infection.

Height and Weight

The god of tallness gave James Comey one of the best gifts of heights. He is a very coordinated man who never fails in giving an eloquent speech whenever he stands out among a crow or on the podium. James stands at a height of 6 feet 8 inches and weighs 91kg.

His Salary and Net Worth

James Comey is one of the richest people in America. As an FBI director, he was annually paid $185,000 and was said to have had a net worth of $11 million.

He took the part of an author and signed a $2 million contract for his book titled A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. He has continually earned a lot from the sale of his book and he is currently approximated to be worth $15.5 million.

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