Does James Franco Have A Girlfriend / Wife or Is He Gay?

He doesn’t just have a cute and delicate face, James Franco is a vibrant figure in the movie industry and has made a name for himself over the years. He is an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. The talented actor effortlessly diffuses into any character and embraces his roles with all earnestness, becoming a sweetheart and a prominent figure in Hollywood. Apart from his movie roles and on-screen endeavours, there is a whole lot to know about the amazing actor. Here are lesser-known facts about James Franco.

James Franco’s Biography

The actor was born on April 19, 1978, in Palo Alto, California, to Betsy Lou his mother, and Douglas Eugene his father. Although he had the desire to act burning inside of him, Franco had to adhere to the instructions of his father who was primarily concerned about his grades in school. He was brilliant too, he had very outstanding performances in math and also performed well in his SATs. He had fancied the idea of becoming a marine zoologist, but his interest in acting outweighed the former. But then; who would have thought that the cute and perfectly-carved-faced Franco, was ever unconfident about his looks? His fear of being rejected had delayed his move into the movies faculty.

James Franco’s period of contemplation came to an end after his first year at the University of California, when he finally decided to quit school to pursue a career in acting. Although it was against his parents’ wish, the actor who was studying English at the time threw in the towel to fully venture into his career of choice. Franco who got himself trained for the job began scouting for roles and got his first in a TV commercial for Italian-American cuisine, Pizza Hut. His first major appearance was in 1999 series Freaks and Geeks where he played a leading role in the series which ran for only 18 episodes.

James Franco made his film debut in the 1999 movie Never Been Kissed and in the following year, he starred in Whatever It Takes. In 2001, he played the lead role in the biopic James Dean. In 2002, he rose to fame with the superhero movie Spider-Man where he played Harry Osborn, the son of the villain, ‘Green Goblin’. Also in 2002, he played major roles in movies; Sonny’, City by the Sea’, before appearing alongside Neve Campbell in the dance movie The Company in 2003. He reprised his role as Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3; sequels to the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie. The movies shot James to fame and the actor continued to land more major roles.

In 2008, he played a role in Pineapple Express which was received well by critics. He was a producer too; while he starred in various movies, Franco produced his own movies including I Am Michael (2015), and True Story (2015). Also in 2015, he starred in the series 11.22.53, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Franco who is a lecturer at UCLA teaching classes in the School of Theater, Film, and Television has written a lot of publications.

What Is His Net Worth?

James Franco has achieved quite a lot financially, in the course of his ever-blossoming career. The actor and producer sits on an enviable net worth estimated at $20 million. A $40,000 salary for his role in ‘Never Been Kissed’ (1999) was going to become a trifling figure in the 2000s when the actor started earning millions for his roles.

Although Franco is not one who makes noise about his finances, it’s no news that the talented actor has got some other lucrative deals apart from his movie endeavours.

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Personal Life – Girlfriend or Wife, Is He Gay?

James Franco has quite an interesting personal life which hardly escapes the prying eyes of the media and the public. His constant portrayal of gay characters on-screen, as well as his advocacy for the LGBT community has raised speculations about his sexuality. Responding to these speculations, Franco has said that his gay roles do not define his sexuality. According to him, he is gay in his art and straight in real life, which means that his sexually simulating scenes with men are only for the screen.

James Franco is in a relationship with Isabel Pakzad. The couple started dating in the latter part of 2017. They have been together since then, despite challenges including the former’s sexual misconduct charges; that have come their way. Franco has not been married to anyone and has no kids.

James Franco’s Parents and Brother

James and Dave Franco

Although they were brought up in a conserved and academic family, James and his brothers were going to take after their mother, a writer, and an actress. James’ two brothers, Tom and Dave Franco are both actors. James and his younger brother Dave co-starred in the movie, The Disaster Artist in 2017, and became a subject in the media at the time. Two brothers starring in the same movie and having fair shares of success was quite an unusual thing at the time.

James may be more popular in the industry, thanks to his Spider-Man fame, but his brother Dave is also notable for his roles in movies like Now You See Me, 21 Jump Street, and Fright Night.


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