James McAvoy Split From Wife Anne-Marie Duff and Secretly Married Girlfriend – Inside His Love Life

James McAvoy, a world-renowned Hollywood actor, and Scotland native is among the group of actors who never planned to go into the profession initially but were eventually inspired by one thing or the other to build a career in the industry. In the case of McAvoy who made his professional acting debut in the 1995 movie The Near Room, at age 15, his interest in acting came alive after he developed feelings for his co-star named Alana Brady.

The actor was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to Elizabeth and James McAvoy Sr., a psychiatric nurse, and builder respectively. His parent’s marriage fell apart when he was only seven years old and his mother was saddled with the responsibility of raising him but as a result of ill health, she was forced to send him to live with her parents (James’ maternal grandparents), Mary and James in Drumchapel, Glasgow. His mom died in 2018 while he has never communicated with his father since he left his mother.

Following the rocky unsteadiness which he had to witness in his parents’ marriage, McAvoy must have strived to do things differently but it didn’t quite work out that way for him.

McAvoy Fell In Love and Married His Onscreen Love Interest

James McAvoy met Anne-Marie Duff while filming the television series, Shameless. In the series, Anne played the role of Fiona Gallagher, the love interest of Steve McBride (played by James) and somehow, their on-screen romance was so strong it carried on to real life.

On the 11th of October in 2006, no so long after they started dating, James got married to Anne-Marie, who is nine years older than him. They tied the knot in a ceremony held at the 19th century Drumtochty Castle in Aberdeenshire but not the kind of gathering you would expect from Hollywood royalty. The wedding had no celebrities in attendance because, according to James, he did not want the day to be about being famous. As such, he didn’t bother inviting his co-stars who would have made the event a celebrity affair.

Their Union Produced A Son

Though their union did not last happily ever after, it produced a baby boy before the couple went their separate ways. When Anne got pregnant with their first child in 2009, the couple decided not to find out the baby’s sex until it was born.

Finally, on February 26th, 2010, they welcomed the first addition to their family, a son named Brendan. They named the boy after his paternal grandfather. He was born at St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, Westminster.

An Agreement Between James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff Is Why The Reason For Their Split Remains Shrouded

James McAvoy
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As perfect as the couple’s marriage seemed, they had some issues which led the duo to jointly announcing on the 13th of May 2016, that they had decided to get a divorce. The actual reason for this decision remains unknown as the duo who has always been very tight-lipped about their relationship when they were still married, also chose to keep their lips sealed about their reason for parting ways. It is common knowledge that James has never aired his private affairs in public, howbeit, their subsequent statements hinted that things just didn’t work out between the two.

Speaking during an interview with Mr. Porter, the actor admitted that things have not been the same since his split from his former wife. He also revealed that while he and Anne-Marie were married, they had a policy that prohibits them from speaking publicly about each other and even though they were now divorced, the policy remains in place.

On the other hand, Anne-Marie also opened up about their split in an interview with the British daily national newspaper, The Times, describing the experience of divorce as profound and difficult. In a bid to escape the scrutiny that comes with being in front of the camera, the actress took a break from the screen after their divorce and focused on stage productions.

They Remain Friendly Exes

Despite not being married to each other any longer, the ex-couple, in an attempt to ensure that their son has a stable life, still shared their North London home for a while, especially when they are not working outside the area.

Towards the end of 2019, the ex-couple reunited on the set of Philip Pullman’s fantasy series, His Dark Materials. The series which aired on BBC had James McAvoy on the role of Lord Asriel, the protagonist’s uncle. His character has a snow leopard named Stelmaria. Anne-Marie Duff, on the other hand, depicted Ma Costa, but unlike their roles in Shameless, it was Ruth Wilson who played James’ on-screen love interest.

James McAvoy Has Moved On With His Love Life

At a height of 5 feet 7 inches with a commensurate weight to go with it, the Scottish-born actor is a hot cake among the ladies and when you add his beautiful pair of blue eyes, short brown hair, and a well-built body, it is clear that he is one of the sought-after men in Hollywood. As such, it only took him a few years to get back on the dating horse after his marriage to Anne-Marie crashed.

In 2016, James started dating Lisa Liberati, a graduate of Philadelphia University whom he met in her native country of Philadelphia during the filming of M. Night Shyamalan’s horror movie, Split. While the actor played the role of Kevin Wendell Crumb aka The Horde, Lisa was employed by the filmmaker, Shyamalan, as a personal assistant.

Their relationship grew stronger from the day they met. they were seen together at John F. Kennedy International Airport in January 2019, when they returned to New York after attending the European premiere of Split which took place in Paris.

He Seems To Have Secretly Tied The Knot With Lisa Liberati

James met Lisa while his divorce was still in progress but they became Instagram official about two months after the procedure was finalised. Three years after his divorce from Anne-Marie, pointers suggest to the fact that he secretly wedded his current partner, Lisa. In true James McAvoy style, they never shared details about any wedding between them but a picture with Lisa donning a shiny ring on the right finger speaks volumes.

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Also, Jamie Lloyd, a director and close friend of James, suggested the couple got married. During a party in London, he mentioned that Lisa often visits James during rehearsals and even referred to her as James’ wife.

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