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The versatile American actor, James Duncan Rolfe is an amazing web of talents. Beyond acting, he is also a comedian, film producer, film director, video game critic, screenwriter, film critic, editor, and internet personality. He is also widely known for being the creative mastermind behind the web television series called Angry Video Game Nerd on the online video platform, YouTube. Other projects that he has been involved in include board games reviews and classic horror films reviews known as Monster Madness. To know more about James Rolfe, read his profile below.

James Rolfe’s Biography & Age

James Duncan Rolfe was born on the 10th of July 1980 at Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States. He attended the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he bagged a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.  At an early age, he owned an audio recorder that was gifted to him by his parents and a camera which served as the portal to his love and passion for storytelling. Whenever ever he took pictures as a child, he always attached a narrative to them. He was also a serial and ardent collector of Nintendo Power magazines which propelled him into filming reviews of Nintendo video games as a fun pastime for friends. Afterward, he proceeded to upload the videos on a website he created in 1989 with his friend, Mike Matei, called Cinemassacre. When he uploaded the videos on YouTube due to Mike Matei’s encouragement, it garnered huge popularity amongst viewers. Due to this positive outcome, the series eventually became a program on ScrewAttack and GameTrailers. James Rolfe found the motivation to create adventure stories from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – an American animated television series, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Contra which are all video games.

In May 1996, James Rolfe filmed a horror movie in his backyard titled A Night of Total Terror; he refers to the movie as the turning point of his life. Afterward, he has gone on to film others such as The Head Incident which was completed in 1999 but was not released until 2009, Cinemaphobia (2001), Kung Fu Werewolf from Outer Space (2001), a one hour comedy title Stoney (2001), It Came Beyond The Toilet (2001) and Curse of the Cat Lover’s Grave (2003). He also made a pilot for a web series titled Jersey Odysseys: Legend of the Blue Hole (2004).

Other notable works which James Rolfe has acted in, written or directed include The Night Prowler (2002), Suburban Knights (2011), To Boldly Flee (2012), Sonic (2013), Angry Video Game (2014), Plan 9 (2015), Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Game – The Movie (2015), and Flying Fuckernauts vs. The Astro-Bastards (2016), among others.

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James Rolfe’s television and web shows include Angry Video Game Nerd, Munky Cheez, Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, You Know What’s Bullshit?, Nostalgia Critic, Atop the Fourth Wall, Spade, Board James, OverAnalyzers, Pat the NES Punk, James & Doug, Commander Chef, Son of Monster Madness, Rental Reviews and James & Mike Mondays.

Net Worth

The American actor has a web television show called The Angry Video Game Nerd and Cinemassacre, a YouTube channel; both avenues, along with other projects, have been instrumental in bringing in quite a good income. His net worth, at the moment, is estimated to be $100 thousand dollars.

Wife And Daughter

James Rolfe
James Rolfe With Wife, April, & Child: Image Source

James Rolfe tied the knot with April Chmura in November 2007. The two met while she was a cinematographer during the shooting of the early Nerd episodes in July 2004 and they began dating soon after. On the 26th of April 2013, April and Rolfe had their first daughter; however, not much information was shared to the public as April’s delivery was laced with complications.

In November 2013, April posted an update on Cinemassacre, a website owned by James, that their daughter is seeking medical treatment due to some unknown complications, hence the privacy. On the 13th of April 2016, Rolfe revealed that his daughter suffered nerve damage in one of her arms during her birth, and she required many months of physical therapy to be able to fully use her arm.  On the 31st of August 2017, James and April welcomed their second daughter.

James Rolfe and April are quite private about their personal life and not much is known about them outside of their work, not even the name of their daughters.

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James Rolfe’s Family

James was born to Scott Rolfe and Marlene Rolfe. The Rolfe family are of Italian ancestry. His father is known for his work on The Angry Video Game Nerd (2004) and The Deader the Better (2005) while his mother is known for her amazing work on The Deader the Better (2005), My Accomplice (2014), and The Dragon in My Dreams (2010). James Rolfe also has a younger sister named Gina who is involved in acting like her parents and her brother. Gina is known for her part in A Night of Total Terror (1996) – a movie filmed by her brother, Red Zombie (1997) and When the Shadows Lay Darkest (1997).

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The American actor stands at a modest height of 5 ft 9 inches. His weight has also been listed as 77kg. At the moment, other details about his body measurements are not available.

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