Works That Best Contributed to James Spader’s Worth and Interesting Bits About His Love Life

Typecasting happens when an actor is constantly required to portray a similar type of character in many projects. While some actors have been victims of this for the majority of their careers, there are those recognized for how well they play a certain type of character while also having the opportunity to play other types of characters. This is the fate of James Spader. 

Spader is widely recognized for his aptness in playing eccentric characters; this ability is not limited to just film productions as he is known to play an oddball in television shows as well. His body of work is replete with proof of his brilliance. 

The Actor Made as Much as $300,000 Per Episode of The Blacklist

Although he received critical acclaim for playing Robert California  in NBC’s The Office, James Spader is said to have earned more with his role on The Blacklist. His portrayal of The Office character had influenced the network’s decision to cast him as Raymond Reddington on the latter.

James Spader
James Spader on The Blacklist: image source

When the show began in 2013, he was paid $160,000 per episode. Spader’s chilly portrayal of Raymon Reddington who is on the FBI’s list of most wanted criminals helped the show’s rating.

Because of how relevant he was to the show, his salary was increased to $300,000 for each episode by the fifth season. This saw him earned a massive $6.6 million by the end of each season thereafter, as each season has 22 episodes. 

The Practice and Boston Legal Also Made Him Good Money

The pivot James made to television was the defining point in his career that gave him the financial success he enjoys today. Normally, some actors might struggle with going from frequent appearances in films to working full time on a television show, but this was not the case for Spader. In 2003, he was cast to play Alan Shore in the legal drama, The Practice, and then the same character in Boston Legal.

There is no information on how much he raked during the five years he spent playing Alan Shore. But it is clear that his performance was loved by critics and fans. For this role, James Spader won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2004, then he went on to win it two more times in 2005 and 2007. 

In all, he portrayed the character in at least 123 episodes of the shows. Whatever he was paid per episode, it amounts to a significant sum put together.

James Spader’s acting style has given him an edge over his colleagues. He is admired for how he speaks and delivers his lines. The gruffness of his voice and the way he manipulates it to reflect emotion made him a great fit for the role of Ultron in the MCU film, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Most of James Spader’s $20 Million Net Worth Came from Acting

James Spader is an actor in every sense of that word and he has proven this over the 4 decades he has been active. His estimated $20 million net worth is the financial proof of the work he does. Spader has been regarded as one of the highest-paid actors, thanks to the $6.6 million he bags per season on Blacklist. 

Regardless of the accolades and money he has made, Spader considers himself a lazy actor. He describes himself as such because he does not always have projects planned for the future.

What has helped him acquire his net worth is the many years he has spent as a part of the acting business. James Spader’s career as a professional actor began in 1978 but it was not until 1981 that he got his first major role in a movie. In the romantic drama Endless Love, James played the supporting role of Keith Butterfield. This was his gateway to more roles as he kept getting cast in films made for television, these films are usually not very lucrative but they were good enough for him to hone his skill. 

The 1985 drama, Tuff Turf, featured him in his first lead role; he played Morgan Hiller. Mainstream success was right around the corner for him as Spader recorded major critical success in 1989 when he played Graham Dalton in Sex, Lies, and Videotape. For his performance, he won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor. With the turn of the century, Spader started to get more high profile roles. White Palace, Bad Influence, 2 Days in the Valley, The Watcher, and Secretary are some of his notable films. 

Needless to say, the projects laid the foundation for the actor to build his fortune.

The Actor Met His First Wife at a Yoga Studio

When James Spader moved to New York, he worked as a Yoga instructor as he didn’t get many roles then. It was during this period that he met Victoria Kheel. Kheel was juggling two jobs when they met; she was working as a decorator of film sets and a yoga instructor. 

As two people who work in the film industry, it was not uncommon for them to work on the same set. For the 1989 film, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Kheel worked on the film’s set while he played the lead role. 

After a long private relationship, they got married in 1987. Their marriage resulted in two sons named Sebastian and Elijah, both of whom work in the entertainment industry.

Seventeen years after getting married, Kheel and Spader got divorced in 2004. Their marriage had mostly been a private affair and they maintained a cloak of mystery during their divorce.

He Is Dating His Alien Hunter Co-Star, Leslie Stefanson

James Spader
Spader and Leslie Stefanson: Image Source

Before the divorce, James Spader had already begun dating Leslie Stefanson. Stefanson is a model who also works as an actress.  The two started to date in 2002 and are still together.

The way they met is not clear, but there have been rumors that when he filed for divorce, it was because of his relationship with Stefanson. The two were in the 2003 film Alien Hunter and have a son together. 

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