Janice Villagran – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

The Mexican-American reporter, Janice Villagran is not only known for her journalism stints, but also for her beauty. Many of her fans say that she would have served perfectly as a model. She started her career after bagging a degree in Communication studies and is associated with I Testigo TV and Estrella TV network. Though unmarried, she was previously engaged and is currently single. Find out more about her in this article. 

Janice Villagran – Biography

If Janice Villagran were to be a model, she would have also made a good poise. The lady is one reporter who is endowed in every aspect. She is best described as beauty and brains. Her eloquence and accurate predictions while forecasting is quite overwhelming. Despite that, she has successfully built a broadcasting career, she has been tight-lipped when it comes to the details of her personal life.

While it is already known that the talented reporter celebrates her birthday on 21st May every year, she was born in the year 1995. Other details regarding her family background and formative years are also nowhere near the record; however, one could barely guess she came from a very caring family. Although she was born in Oxnard, California; Janice Villagran was raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Having spent years in Mexico, she possesses a dual nationality of Mexican and American; she also belongs to the white ethnical background. Regarding her education, there are no much details about the high school she attended; however, it is already known that she developed an interest in becoming a journalist while in high school. She also acquired a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science.

Janice Villagran
Claudia Gonzalez & Janice Villagran

Janice Villagran kicked off her broadcasting career working as a forecaster and as a guest on several game shows. Currently, she works as a reporter and on-air host at Estrella TV network as well as I Testigo TV. In addition, she is also a part of En Vivo USA, an entertainment show. Besides her journalism career, the reporter also works as a surgical technologist

Facts and Everything You Need To Know

1. Her Net Worth

Seeing the pace at which Janice Villagran has grown with her broadcasting career, nothing less is expected as regarding her money bag. Though there have been variations in figures with her net worth, that doesn’t in any way change the fact that her career pays her bills. According to sources, the reporter has a net worth between $250,000 – $500,000.

2. Family

The reporter came from a Mexican-American family and was born in the United States. However, she has never shared any details regarding her parents, their names and what they do for a living. Also, it is hard to know if she is their only child or not.

3. Who is Her Boyfriend?

When it comes to Janice Villagran’s love life, she has faced a few heartbreaks. She often takes to her social media to narrate a few of her love escapades but is yet to reveal any names. Recently, she took to her social media page announcing that she called off her engagement. Ironically, no one had a prior knowledge of her engagement or the mystery man involved. That regardless, most of her fans took to her page to sympathize with her. She further cleared the air saying that she is currently and happily single.

4. Does She Speak English? 

The internet once went abuzz when questions on whether the Mexican-American weathergirl speaks English fluently, just as she is grounded with the Mexican language. Well, we are yet to provide answers to this question because the Mexican reporter has only written English on her social media pages, but has not aired a program in the English language.

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5. She is Active on Social Media

Janice Villagran is very active on social media and her social media handles are often filled with her work updates, pictures, and sometimes tiny details of her personal life. She is an avid social media user who has over 128,000+ followers on Instagram (@janicevillagran), Twitter (@JaniceVillagran) and Facebook (Janice Villagran) respectively.

6. Janice Villagran’s Body Measurements

The reporter often times gain the praises of most of her male fans as she is smokin’ hot in most of her dresses. Having said that, a few others have never bought the idea of her seductive looks. She is known for her voluptuous, and curvaceous body. Well, she just has a way of making everyone take a second glimpse at her. She is of average height and carries a balance weight. Unfortunately, the weathergirl is yet to reveal the details of her other body measurements, however, we promise to keep you updated once she does.


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