Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai Family: Did They Get Married and Do They Have Kids?

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai are one couple who can rightly be described as a power couple. While the former is an accomplished physician as well as an assistant professor of medicine, the latter is a renowned lawyer who currently chairs the Federal Communications Commission in America. The two love birds have been together since 2009 and have supported each other in reaching the pinnacle of their careers. So, have Pai and Van Lancker tied the knot? Do they have any kids? All these and more of your questions about the highflying duo are answered below.

Ajit Pai’s Background

Ajit Varadaray Pai was born on the 10th of January 1973 in Buffalo, New York. His father’s name is a Varadaray Pai while his mother’s name is Radha. Pai’s parents are both medical doctors, and originally hailed from the south Indian cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad. They later migrated to America in 1971 with just a radio and $10 on them. The couple initially spent two years in New York before relocating to the rural Kansas town of Parsons where they joined the county hospital. Ajit Pai thus grew up in Parsons and obtained his high school diploma in 1990. He later studied social studies at Harvard University and received his degree in 1994. Pai subsequently attended the University of Chicago Law School and qualified as a lawyer in 1997.

Janine Van Lancker’s Background

Janine Van Lancker was born in Poland, Ohio, in 1974. She hails from a Christian family background comprising of her father, Robert Van Lancker and her mother, Marine. Van Lancker spent her formative years in Poland and obtained her diploma at the local high school. She thereafter enrolled at the University of Notre Dame and received her bachelors of science degree in 1997.

Van Lancker also attended Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and qualified as a doctor in 2001. She subsequently did her residency at the McGaw Medical Center of that same institution. Janine Van Lancker is now an allergist/immunologist; specialising in allergies, hives, sinuses, and asthma. She is also an assistant professor at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Ajit Pai and Janine Van Lancker
Ajit Pai and wife, Janine Van Lancker, during his swearing-in ceremony image source

Did Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai get married?

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai first met in January 2009. Both were experiencing a slump in their love lives and some mutual friends decided to set them up. When they first met, Van Lancker taught Pai to be quite good-looking while he thought that she had a good heart. The pair later got talking and discovered that they shared several similarities.

They were both from the Midwest, loved obscure movies and had a passion for visiting remote towns. Van Lancker and Pai subsequently commenced a romantic relationship and by April of 2009, he dropped the ‘L-word’. The couple’s romance further blossomed as they met each other’s family and took a joint trip to Japan. The couple later got engaged six months after they commenced their relationship.

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai tied the knot on the 10th of July 2010 at the Willard International Hotel. The wedding ceremony featured both aspects of their culture. There was a Hindu ceremony, complete with Indian food and tea reception, in the afternoon. The couple also exchanged vows in a Christian ceremony in the evening of that same day.

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Do Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Have Any Kids?

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai have two children together, a son named Alexander Madhav and a daughter named Annabelle Malathi. The couple and their kids found themselves at the centre of death threats in 2019 due to Pai’s job. Pai had previously worked in several public and private institutions. He was later appointed a commissioner of the FCC (the agency that regulates America’s media and telecomm industries) in 2011. Pai spent five years as one of the institution’s commissioners before President Donald J. Trump made him the chairman of the commission in 2016.

Since taking office, Ajit Pai has pursued several controversial policies including ending net neutrality rules. This has fetched him criticism with several protest groups targeting his house. Things, however, took a more serious note when a California man, Marka, sent three emails to the FCC chairman threatening to kill his family. The man was later apprehended and sentenced to one and a half years in jail.

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