Amazing! Japan Repairs A 30 Metre Wide Sinkhole In just 2 Days

Fukuoka 30m Sinkhole – It isn’t for nothing that Japan is called the technology headquarters of the world. Japan has amazed the world with the 2-day repair of a 30m wide sinkhole in one of its cities, Fukuoka.

The absolutely impressive before and after images have left people dumbfounded as the damaged road was repaired and replaced like nothing ever went wrong with it.

The engineers worked round the clock to see that the busy road gets back to it status quo and even better.

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Social media users who have come across this marvel have praised it as some wished the privilege of technological provisions to tackle such a massive mess in a matter of 2 days could go round for all the countries of the world.


According to Telegraph, the gigantic sinkhole, measuring around 30 metres (98 feet) wide and 15 metres deep, appeared last Tuesday in a bustling business district in the southwestern city of Fukuoka, swallowing part of a five-lane street.

The road situated at an intersection collapsed because it was affected by a subway construction in the area.The subway was to be extended from a nearby station to the city center along a 1.4-kilometer (0.86 mile) route.

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The collapse of the road equally disrupted electrical, gas and water operations in the region. Gratefully no one was injured during the collapse.

The engineers heaped loads of wet sand and cement mixtures into the sinkhole to refill it.

While the Fukuoka 30m sinkhole took 2 days to fix, the road was re-opened for use exactly one week after it showed sinking signs. All relevant safety checks had to be carried out before the busy road was re-opened.

The damaged utilities were restored as well in those magical 2-day period.