Japanese Inventors Create Electric Fork As Alternative To Salty Foods

Just when you think everything that could be has already been imagined and invented. Say bye to that closed off thought process and hello to innovation as once again technology meets a problem head on, tackles it and solves it. Even the sentiments in those words do not come close to the feelings of glee that this invention may offer to some. Everybody uses salt to cook and some more than others, especially crave that particular taste. Unfortunately for such people however, too much salt in food has been fingered as both a causal factor and an elevator of issues like heart disease and strokes.

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It has therefore become increasingly hard to sprinkle salt freely, as we try to avoid committing the dietary sin that would land us at the door of any of these diseases. Japanese scientists have however created a guilt free way of enjoying salted food and this great innovation is captured in an electric fork.

The prototype of the fork creates a salty taste in one’s mouth at the press of a button by releasing electric currents which stimulate the tongue. It is a battery operated fork and can in the same vein create sour and metallic tastes. This invention was pioneered by Hiromi Nakamura at Rekimoto Lab, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo.

According to Nikkei Technology, the device is based on the knowledge that a human tongue feels salty or sour when electricity is applied to it and its production costs researches a mere £12 (Y2,000). The technology will be of great benefit to those required to reduce or eliminate salt from their diet for medical reasons. Although the prototype has not yet been designed to be waterproof, it can run for six hours without charging and possesses thee levels of electrical current which would effect different degrees of saltiness or sourness dependent on the eater’s age and normal dietary habits.

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