Jason Nash Once Married Marney Hochman – What To Know About His Ex-Wife and Kids

The now-defunct video-sharing app Vine was the path that led Jason Nash to fame. With it, he built an audience of over two million followers, which he parlayed into a significant YouTube career. That move has seen him become one of the most popular personalities on the internet, with the cash income to go with it.

While his professional life has seen rapid growth, things have not been as rosy in his personal life. Before finding fame, he was married to Marney Hochman, a woman he met during his college years. Their relationship has since ended, but questions continue to arise about a family that was once a prominent part of his life.

Jason Nash’s Ex-Wife is a Hollywood Power Player

As part of the Vlog Squad, Jason Nash is a member of an influential group of internet personalities, but as far as Hollywood politics is concerned, his influence is no match for that of his ex-wife, Marney Hochman.

Marney Hochman, who with 8k+ Instagram followers, is no match for Jason’s 2.6 million, works as the president of development for Middkid Productions, a company in partnership with the giant media conglomerate, ViacomCBS.

She started her Hollywood career at Fox Television Studios, working her way up to senior vice president of scripted programming. There, she oversaw the creation and launch of shows like The Shield, Thief, and The Riches.

After her stint with Fox came to an end, she joined MiddKid Productions, an independent studio in a three-way partnership with Sony Pictures Television, and ViacomCBS. Via the studio, she has produced shows like Timeless, The Last Resort, and Terriers. She also executive produces the CBS drama, S.W.A.T.

Other projects in her producer resume include The Get Down, Mad Dogs, Beverly Hills Cop, and Gone Hollywood.

Marney Hochman is Not a Fan of the Spotlight

As the ex-wife of an internet star and the producer of several popular TV shows, Marney Hochman has all the avenues to be famous. However, the Hollywood producer has opted for a more reserved public presence, with minimal links to her husband’s digital footprint.

In that regard, she only appeared in a few videos during her marriage to Jason Nash and has featured in even less since their divorce. In the limited videos Marney has starred in, particularly Nash’s daily vlogs, she is mostly seen actively trying to avoid Jason’s camera.

Her most notable participatory video was a vlog where she agreed to be handcuffed to Nash for 24 hours. She decided to do so on the condition that the proceeds from the video go to restocking her house. However, they only lasted four hours before parting ways in mutual agreement that it was an awful idea.

She is not just keeping herself from the spotlight, either, but her kids as well. Jason Nash, for about a year, had a second YouTube channel, Jason Nash Family, where he posted vlogs of his life with his children, Charley and Wyatt.

The channel ended up lasting a year because Marney requested him to keep their children out of the limelight in such a detailed manner. At the peak of the channel, it had more than 9.9 million subscribers. As of July 2020, it has over 214k subscribers, as of this writing, the last video posted on the channel was in March 2019.

Jason Nash’s Kids are Following in His Footsteps

Jason Nash
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Marney Hochman may have gotten Jason Nash to shut down Jason Nash Family to reduce their children’s digital footprint, but it might not matter anyway. Both children, Charley and Wyatt, have taken after their father’s career to publish highlights of their life on social media.

Wyatt, who is a guitarist, and once the subject of a Jason Nash Family video where his father bought him a $100,000 guitar, is racking up a decent following on Instagram. His first Instagram post was in 2014 when he posted a photo of himself with his father at Earth to Echo.

He has racked up followers posting videos of his guitar skills at recitals and home performances. One of Wyatt’s videos, where he was playing Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, garnered more than 125,000 views on the platform.

Charley Nash, the older sibling, is further along on the potential social media personality path. She has a significant presence on Instagram and TikTok. On the latter, she posts lip-sync videos, comedy skits, and vlogs.

So far, she has accrued over 415.5 thousand fans, with more than 5.4 million likes. On Instagram, she has over 19.3 thousand followers, having switched accounts in 2020. The jury is still out on the destination of the Nash kids, but it is safe to say they are becoming one big social media family. At least Jason and the kids are.

His Kids are Not Getting a Stepmother Yet

One of the downsides of a divorce, particularly after having children, is the touchy dynamic between the children and a stepmother. Fortunately, for the Nash family, that is not something they have to worry about yet.

Since Jason Nash and Marney Hochman divorced in 2017, the YouTuber has stayed martially single. But that is not to say he has not been in a serious relationship. He has been in at least one, with the U.K Celebrity Big Brother reality TV show star Trisha Kayn Paytas.

Jason Nash
Jason and Trisha were a thing for over two years: image source

Trisha Kayn is also a YouTube celebrity with two channels, blndsundoll4mj and Trisha Paytas. Both of them have more than 6 million subscribers combined and over 2.19 billion views. She has also featured in a few notable TV programs and music videos. She featured in My Strange Addiction, The Price Is Right, and music videos of Eminem and Amy Winehouse.

Nash and Trisha began dating in 2017 but, as of February 2019, had parted ways. They reportedly parted ways over a couple of videos posted by Nash’s collaborator, David Dobrik. In the video, Nash was joking about having sex with Paytas and another woman, Tana Mongeau, in a threesome.

The video ended Jason’s two-year relationship and may have brought the YouTuber a considerable pain. But it might be good news to the ears of the children. With no known girlfriend in sight, the kids may not have to worry about a stepmother for the foreseeable future and can look forward to more after-school pickups by their parents.


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