Who Is Jazmine Lucero And What Is She Known For?

Jazmine Lucero is a multi-talented person who has applied her talents to different things, most of which she has excelled at. She is known for her modeling, singing and acting. She is one of those people who have harnessed the money-making potentials of the internet and used it to build a brand. Lucero may not be a big star yet but she is certainly putting in the work that will announce her to the world.

Keep reading to know more about Jazmine Lucero, especially the career path which she has chosen to ply her trade.

Who Is Jazmine Lucero?

Jazmine Lucero was born in Long Beach, California, and her birthday is the 16th of August 1992. She is from a large family of seven people, with four siblings namely Paulina, Jaden, Justice, and Jacob. Paulina is her only sister while the others are her brothers. Not much is known of her family members or the type of childhood she had but it has been revealed that her mother suffers from the disease called Lupus while her father was a football player for Montana State University; Jazmine was just three when the family lived in Montana for the duration her father played for the team.

She has identified herself as someone who is very family-oriented, which means that she loves to spend time with her family and this love for family is not just limited to her immediate family but her extended family as well. There is no information available on Jazmine Lucero’s educational background.

Jazmine Lucero has a mix of talents which she has maximized to make a name for herself and just as she has diverse talents, so does she have very diverse interests. This YouTuber has revealed that her favorite film is the 1985 comedy; The Goonies while pink is her favorite color. She has described herself as a foodie who loves to eat a lot but particularly prefers Italian food above all other types. Jazmine Lucero is a big fan of traveling and outdoor activities, going on adventures is one of the things she loves to do the most. She has been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is popularly known as OCD and she once almost had a meltdown because of her condition. In December of 2017, she had a nose job; this is something she has always wanted to do because of how insecure her nose made her feel.

Jazmine Lucero
Nick Pallauf and Jazmine – image source

What Is Jazmine Lucero Known For?

Jazmine Lucero’s first stint with fame was with the many competitions she partook in as a child, one of these competitions was Miss Teen Southern California, which she won. She then went ahead to participate in many other competitions that showed off her impressive skills in dancing and singing. She currently works as a dance instructor at a dance studio in California. Her students are people of different ages but she mostly works with children.

But, what Jazmine Lucero is mostly known for is her YouTube channel, which is named after her. The channel was created on the 3rd of April 2012 and her first series of videos were of her doing random things like Q&As, pranks, and challenges, she also featured her family members often in her videos.

When she started dating Nick Pallauf, a model and YouTuber just like her, they created a collaborative channel in 2016, a year after they hooked up and in a short while, they had over 100,000 subscribers. Most of their content featured them taking on different social media challenges together. All of which came to an end in August of 2017 when they broke up, they announced the breakup three months after on their channel. They both agreed that it was not a bad break-up; they were just two people toeing different lines in life. The break up did not affect Lucero’s ratings or her reputation with her fans; she currently has a new boyfriend called Colton.

Lucero’s singing career is another way she has built fame for herself as this YouTuber has tried to build a solo career which is slowly taking off. In her attempt to become a musician, she has gone on tour with some bands, the biggest tour she took part in was the Something Different Tour. On the tour, she served as the opening act for the band Why Don’t We.

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