Puzzling Facts About Jean Muggli’s Life With Michael Strahan, Their Divorce Drama and Kids

Jean Muggli’s claim to fame was not through her occupation; rather, her involvement with former athlete Michael Strahan was the basis through which she came into the spotlight. After get split from Michael, who was a renowned American footballer, she had quite an unpleasant time amid the media buzz caused by the tussle with her ex-husband,

As it turns out, Jean and Michael’s issue began way before their divorce became finalized in 2006. Their relationship which once seemed like a match made in heaven had its share of afflictions, perhaps even more than the average relationship. Details of their life together as well as the drama at the end of their marriage has long held the curious attention of their fans.

Jean Muggli And Michael Strahan Met At A Spa

Jean Muggli was once married to Michael Strahan, a former American football defensive end. Michael played for the New York Giants, where he spent his entire 15-year National Football League career. The former couple first met where Jean Muggli worked as a spa manager.

In an open interview, the couple admitted that theirs was love from the first meeting. The two met at the skincare salon Jean managed in Manhattan. Michael, who was quite reserved, didn’t approach the lady immediately but visited the store daily for a month solely to see her.

Jean Muggli
Michael Strahan And Jean Muggli: image source

Jean Muggli, on her part, understood his tricks and played along even though she had her reservations as she never fancied dating a sportsman.

With time, Jean Muggli realized that Michael was not a regular sportsman. He had a different personality from what one would conventionally expect from men in his field. Soon, Michael and Jean kickstarted a relationship and finally made their union official on July 18, 1999, when they got married in North Dakota.

She Was Not Michael Strahan’s First Wife

Michael’s marriage to Jean was not his first. He was a divorcee when they met, having been previously married to Wanda Hutchins with whom he had two children – a daughter and son – before the marriage ended.

Years after Jean and Michael got married, they welcomed identical twin girls, Sophia and Isabelle, in 2004. The family of four lived together seemingly peacefully until the following year when all hell broke loose.

Strahan Allegedly Assaulted Jean Muggli And Spied On Her Sister

In March 2005, Jean came out with accusations that Michael was reportedly violent; she also had picture evidence of her bruised body. She claimed that he had beaten so often that it affected her kidneys and kept her in turmoil for days.

With all the evidence at hand, Muggli went to court after Strahan filed for divorce, claiming that the sportsman stopped performing his marital obligations to her because he was gay. Also, Jean claimed that the athlete was obsessed with her sister, Denise, and placed a hidden camera where she usually got dressed.

While all these were ongoing, Michael Strahan consistently denied the accusations on several platforms. This came days after they argued about a $3.3 million withdrawal she made from his accounts.

Jean Muggli
Once lovers, Michael and Jean Muggli now have a bitter post-divorce relationship: image source

Both parties were very much at loggerheads, and of course, things went downhill. At the court, the judge handling the case didn’t find any concrete reasons for the evidence provided by Jean Muggli. She later retracted her claim, stating that Strahan had, in fact, not touched her that time.

The accusations got dismissed, and the court subsequently granted both parties freedom in divorce on July 20, 2006, with Muggli scoring a $15.3 million in the divorce settlement. She also got $18,000/month in child support as well as half the proceeds from their multi-million-dollar New Jersey home.

The Former Couple Are In A Custody Battle Over Their Twins

It has been several years since their divorce, but it appears not even time can heal their wounds. The pair have managed to remain relatively civil as co-parents over the years. However, it seems the mistreatment of his children is where is the former NFL star draws the line.

Sophia and Isabella, who are both accomplished equestriennes and volleyball players, have been living with their mother in North Carolina since the divorce while Strahan has visitation rights. However, a new battle ensued between the ex-couple in March 2020, when Michael claimed that Jean had been emotionally and physically abusing their daughters. The NFL star turned TV host is fighting for primary custody of his daughters on these stated reasons. He demands that the court holds his ex-wife in contempt of court-mandated parenting order based on causing the teens to miss their therapy sessions, volleyball matches, and horse-riding events.

He also claimed that she withheld their girls’ passports ahead of a vacation with him in Europe. On her part, Jean Muggli claims that her ex-husband, Michael Strahan, has private investigators watching her 24/7. The allegation was, however, denied by his lawyers.

The embattled father wants his daughters, who have secured admission to the Sacred Heart Academy, NYC for fall 2020, to move permanently to Manhattan and stay with him. Despite having once stated that the girls live a lavish lifestyle with their mother, Strahan says they also want to leave North Carolina and live with him. If that’s true, then their mom and a court ruling are all that’s standing in their way now.

She Seems Too Busy To Move On

Jean has had her hands full with navigating the series of legal battles that began between her and her ex-husband in 2005. Between that and being a mother, it appears Muggli has been too busy to move on. Notwithstanding, she was never one to feed details of her life to the public, so if she’s up to anything new besides the court hearings, it is possible she’s not sharing.

Strahan, on the other hand, has long moved on, both romantically and professionally. He is currently pursuing a post-NFL career as a TV Host and has been linked with at least two women since the divorce. He dated and was engaged to the American model and Eddie Murphy’s ex – Nicole Mitchell for five years until they split due to alleged infidelity on his part.

Michael Strahan
Jean’s Ex – Michael Strahan with his then-fiancée, Nicole Murphy: image source

In 2015, he started dating Kayla Quick, a much younger lady who has been arrested and convicted multiple times in the past.


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